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Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia Mods

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Mods for the Total War Series
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Table for Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia Mods

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Sortable Table
Modification Name Info
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Type Scope Mod Leader/s TWC Mod Registry Steam Download Manual Download Released / Updated Wiki Page
Tribes Of Britannia
Work has begun on an iron age conversion mod for the Thrones of Britannia game. This would replace all in game factions with historically (as close to) accurate tribes and to completely overhaul factions, unit rosters and game balancing. Historical Mod Overhaul OwenSnelly WIP
The Viking Age in Britain
Historical focused mod with realistic changes to the basic game based on historical sources, where all cultures are treated on an equal level. Includes extensive changes to the basic game to improve campaign and battle game play. A more diverse gaming experience, while trying to increase the overall pleasure of playing Thrones of Britannia. Historical Mod Overhaul Iutland Entry MediaFire 2019-06-01 The Viking Age in Britain
Dál Riata Total War
Allows you to play as the Gaelic Kingdom of Dál Riata in the west of Scotland. The fully functioning faction comes with a new family tree and characters and uses the Scottish unit roster & Gaelic Kingdoms voiceovers. Enhancement Faction Malcolm Steam Workshop 2018-12-29
Aguirre and Swiss Unit Project
Unit pack for Thrones of Britannia Enhancement Units Aguirre, Swiss Halberdier Steam Workshop 2019-03-25
Mauiaw's mods - Harder Campaign
A collection of mods with simple changes to campaign mechanics that affect the player. Enhancement Campaign (Various) mauiaw Various See Thread 2018-05-06
Chronothan's Realistic-ish Combat Mod
Battle overhaul with completely overhauled stats for original units to produce more realistic combat. Reintroduces melee attack and separate melee defense stats Enhancement Battle Play chronothan Steam Workshop GoogleDrive 2018-05-15
12 Turns Per Year
Changes the turns per year to 12 and also changes the months/seasons to work correctly. Enhancement Campaign (Turns) Dresden Steam Workshop MediaFire 2018-05-06
Diplomatic & Occupation Options
Allows all factions to annex (confederate) and to loot when taking a settlement. Enhancement Campaign (Diplomacy) Dresden Steam Workshop MediaFire 2018-05-03
Seasonal Effects
Adds seasonal effects to provinces with different types of seasons (Harsh Winter, Early Spring, etc). Effects include modifications to income, food, movement, replenishment, morale, supplies and public order. Enhancement Game Play (Weather Effects) Dresden Steam Workshop MediaFire 2018-05-07
Colorful Buttons
The mod makes the black and white buttons coloured. A "simple" mod to change the game appearance. Add-on Graphics (UI buttons) Musculus Maximus Steam Workshop 2018-08-30
25 Playable Factions
Unlocks 25 factions of the game in the Campaign and adds more factions in Custom Battle. 12 turns per year version available. Add-on Game Play (Faction Availability) Miguel_80 Various see thread 2019-03-310
The Last Kingdom
Brings Unique models from the series "The Last Kingdom" into play. Changes characters, names and models. Historic Characters Musculus Maximus Steam Workshop 2018-09-01
Unit Recruitment Strength
Allows the standard 30% starting recruitment strength of units to be changed to 20%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% or 100%. Enhancement Game Play (Unit Stats) Swiss Halberdier Entry Steam Workshop MediaFire 2018-12-30
Unit Pack Compatibility Languages Project
Necessary for all languages except English, because of added custom texts to the game by modders. Most of these texts are from Unit Pack Mods, Gameplay Mods and Overhaul Mods. Without the UPC you can not see these custom unit names, etc., if you don't use the English language version. Mod-support Language Swiss Halberdier Entry MediaFire 2019-02-03 Unit Pack Compatibility Languages Project
Crucible of Kings
A total overhaul focused on providing a slower, more challenging, historical experience in both the campaign and battles. The mod features custom and unique scripted systems that combine with changes at all levels of the game to create a more complex and nuanced gameplay style. Historical Mod Overhaul Dresden, 'Gunny Entry Steam Workshop Google Drive 2018-12-18 Crucible of Kings
Shieldwall: A Historical Overhaul
Delivering period style shield wall battles and new weapons (sling, throwing spear, Irish dart) to name a few. Unit design that gives each culture a more defined role and fighting style. The campaign will offer a scaled down and finely tuned economy to facilitate a more challenging and authentic experience in the Viking Age. Historical Mod Battle Kinjo Entry Steam Workshop 2019-05-20 Shieldwall: A Historical Overhaul
Modification Name Info Type Scope Mod Leader/s TWC Mod Registry Steam Download Manual Download Released / Updated Wiki Page
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