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Expanded Americas

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Expanded Americas
Platform Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms
Mod Type Gameplay Upgrade
EraMedieval Era
Mod Leader Eothese
Release Status Version 3.3
Forum / Thread Here


An improved version of the Vanilla Medieval 2 game with a larger more accurate America's and an accelerated start point. The emphasis of the mod is more on making the campaign challenging and fun than historical accuracy.

Wardogs which were ported from the RTW.


  • 26 Playable Factions
  • More provinces added to the existing Vanilla Map.
  • 2 turns per year from 1350 to 1535
  • Gunpowder available from the start.
  • Any ship can cross the Atlantic, no need to wait for the 'world is round' event.
  • Antioch and Kingdom of Jerusalem added as emergent factions.
  • Aztecs, Apachean, Inca, Mongols, Ireland, Teutonic Order, Lithuania, Norway and Papal States added to the grand campaign as playable.
  • AI only trait system, for a better challenge.
  • All Aztec and Apachean buildings and agents from Americas expansion added, plus some new ones.
  • New World guaranteed to be invaded via scripting.
  • New World factions can ‘invade’ Europe. With the New World Inhabited event, New World factions can build Ocean Traders which allow the recruitment of Mercenary ships.
  • All Factions start with at least a Large City or Fortress and a Gunsmith.
  • Better Artillery, increased movement on campaign map and 3 pieces instead of 2.
  • Fast cavalry moves quicker on the battlemap.
  • Improvements made to Rebel Faction’s AI.
  • More realistic building times and cost's, all farm upgrades are cheaper and quicker, etc.
  • Increased movement points on the campaign map.
  • Increased merchant trade value for the best resources.
  • Cannons recruitable as mercenaries.
  • Dismounted Knights Templar, Hospitaller, Teutonic Knights and Knights of Santiago added and available from Major Chapter House
  • Mercenary Wardogs, Mounted Naffatun, Mounted Greek Firethrowers, Greek Fire Cannon and Bulgarian Bandits added.
  • Added Officers to all units recruitable from City Watch and below.
  • Made more Ancillaries transferable.
  • Added more Victory Conditions.

The Team



The mod came into being after Eothese had tinkered with descr_strat in order to allow the game to reach a more advanced state before Eothese completed my campaigns. From there Eothese started looking at mods on the TWC site, along with the workshop section. Eothese decided to expand the map west and improve the Americas after seeing a tutorial by J@mes. The mod grew from there fed mainly by Eothese's own desire to learn the different aspects of modding. One of the major challenges and Eothese's most fervent desire was to introduce the wardogs from RTW. This was only fully and completely realised with version 3.0 when a totally crash free fix was discovered.



Included Mods


Mod page with download links

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