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Extended Greek Mod

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The Extended Greek Mod is a modification for Rome: Total War. It is also known as XGM.

Extended Greek Mod
Platform Rome: Total War
Mod Type Overhaul
EraHellenistic Era
Mod Leader DimeBagHo
Release Status Version 5.9.26
Forum / Thread Here
Campaign Map:


This mod aims to give the Greek factions the same sort of depth that the Roman factions have in vanilla RTW, to improve historical accuracy, and to improve game-play. Many new units have been added to the Greek factions, and other factions, along with new buildings, character traits, night battles, named legions, loyalty, and much more. Combat with phalanx based armies has also been made much more challenging. The mod tries to stay close to the "look and feel" of vanilla (unmodified) Rome - Total War, so this mod should appeal to people who like vanilla RTW, but who want to play a more developed version of the Greek factions.


Most of the vanilla factions are preserved, though the Romans have been integrated into a single faction. The Scipii have become the Roman Rebels, and the Brutii, the Independent Greek Cities. There are 16 playable factions and four non-playable. New playable factions include Saba and Bactria.

Roman Factions

  • Roman Republic/Empire
  • Roman Rebels (Non-Playable)

Hellenic (Greek) Factions

  • Greek Cities
  • Macedon
  • The Seleucid Empire
  • The Ptolemaic Empire
  • Bactria
  • Independent Greek Cities (Non-Playable)

Eastern Factions

  • Carthage
  • Pontus
  • Armenia
  • Parthia
  • Saba
  • Eastern Kingdoms (Non-Playable)

Barbarian Factions

  • Thrace
  • Gauls
  • Germans
  • Iberians
  • Scythia
  • Independent Gauls (Non-Playable)


  • An Ethnic Traits system
  • An AOR system. (Like mercs, but with buildings)
  • A remade Mundus Magnus map, covering all of the British Isles, all of the Seleucid Empire, all of the Arabian peninsular and the north-west of India.
  • Redone rosters for every faction, mostly the Greeks.
  • Several provincial campaigns covering most of the Greek colonies spread around the Mediterranean & Black Seas.
  • Designed to work with RTW 1.5, RTW:BI 1.6, or Alexander. It uses the -mod switch so it does not make any changes to your data directory.


DimeBagHo is the man behind the mod, but dozens of other modders have contributed. A full list can be found here.


The first version of XGM was released on March 20, 2005. Since then it has gone through many releases. The current version is 5.9.26

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