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Extracting Sounds

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Most of you probably already know this if you've taken a look at the file structure, but here's how to extract sounds:

  1. Download Vercingetorix's XIDX-extractor. Or the later revised Return of XIDX: with bug fixes and updates for M2TW
  2. Unzip the files included and copy+paste "xidx.exe" and "extract_sounds.bat" to your "M2TW\data\sounds\" folder (by default "C:\Program Files\Sega\Medieval II Total War\Data\sounds")
  3. Double click on the bat-file and it will automatically begin extracting all music, voices and SFX.

And here's how to replace the music (will write a more extensive tutorial once we get tools for unpacking the .pack-files and getting the txt-files available)

  1. Find a track you want to put in the game. Determine what kind of music it'll be (ie strat map, battle, mobilize, victory etc.), and find the song you don't like (ie the one you wanna replace your own with). These can now be found unpacked in "M2TW\data\sounds\data\sounds\music".
  2. Rename your own song the same as the song you're replacing, and paste over the original song.
  3. Now either:
    • Cut out the Music folder and paste it in "M2TW\data\sounds\data\sounds\", then delete the "music.dat". OR
    • Use the XIDX to repack the new music. Copy and paste the "pack_example_music_idx.bat" to the "\sounds"-folder, and right click on it and select "Edit". You should now see this: .\xidx.exe -cf my_music.idx data\sounds\music\*pause[ (Does this actually work in M2TW? It does not for in-game sound. / Beiss )
  4. Rename the "my_music.idx" to "music.idx", then save, delete the original music.dat and run the bat. It should now (if you did everything correctly) create a new "musid.dat"-file including your own music!

NOTE: Before you do anything, it is good to backup both the original "music.dat" and "music.idx", incase something happens :wink: (Just copy them and paste them there :))


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