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Ferrum Aeternum

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Ferrum Aeternum
Platform Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms
Mod Type Overhaul
Mod Leader Ataegina
Release Status 0.80
Forum / Thread Here


Ferrum Aeternum or "Eternal iron". Medieval iron swords and spears and other arms and armor has shaped and re-shaped the political map of our world, helping kings to regain their crowns or to lose. Bringing the west and the east into a single campaign and let the player decide wich iron sword will shape the course of the world.


Elephant Riders
  • Massive map stretching from Portugal to the Bay of Bengal and from Lapland to the Horn of Africa and Sri Lanka
  • 31 factions with wich 19 are totally new or totally reworked
  • Many emerging heroes from Genghis Khan to Richard Lionheart
  • Complete overhaul of UI
  • Complete overhaul of strat map
  • Many events, scripts and codding tweaks for better gameplay
  • New BAI / CAI
  • New music for Campaign and Battles
  • Hundreds of new and reworked units
  • New religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Tengriism)
  • Many new Buildings
  • And more....

The Team

  • Master Zuma
  • Ataegina
  • Tzar
  • Vlad IV Felix
  • TheFirstONeill
  • gigantus
  • hekk
  • The Holy Pilgrim
  • pacco
  • leif_erikson
  • Lü Bu
  • drazeN
  • Many others who have joined and left


This mod have started in late 2007 wich the first concept was simply a mini-mod based on events with historical information. Back than was just two members Ataegina and TheFirstONeill but quickly the mod expanded by importing kingdoms factions and everything on the mod start changing.

Ferrum Aeternum development haven't been always smooth, with changes on team and on wich course the mod should take and everything have take over an year to decide what would it be regarding the concept and path to be taken. Since the beginning the mod had ambition plans but the lack of members have made this always hard to acomplish yet with only a few members and dedication many objectives have been acomplished. What make this mod and team goes along and wanted to create the mod was the fact we wanted a mod without be too west or too east, not just christian or not just islamic and all the development have been around the concept of many cultures one only mod, but years of development and some disagreements have broke out and several times mod have been halted and stoped, but the mod was revived on 2010 by new members wich Master Zuma have emerge was the most notable one for the public release.


Included Mods

  • joedreck -Banner & Symbol MOD
  • Salty- shields mods
  • burrek- skins
  • xeryx - xai mod
  • Charge- map textures
  • MADTAO (BALTS)- lithuania mod
  • DisgruntledGoat- skins
  • DieKugelstoßer- skins
  • Alletun- coa's (symbols)
  • DeZzErX - Flanders Mod
  • Laca's- Byzantine Unit (heavy spear)
  • riczu74 - blockade-siege icon
  • Caius Britannicus - Crusades - BI (models,skins)
  • Blue Lotus Team - cas models and skins
  • Rex Cobalt's - ORDO TEUTONICUS
  • Agart - Strat map settlements
  • waitcu - Three Kingdoms: Total War
  • Argent Usher (real horses)
  • B.ward (modding resources templates)
  • Kalos (bringing justice to the horde!)
  • Lt_dave (timurids and mongols skins)
  • KnightErrant (Modding tools)
  • CBUR (ERE roster)
  • Rusichi: Total World team (for allow the use of their mod)
  • wolfslayer - *BYZANTIUM* Battlemap Settlements
  • Chivalry TW - Models elements
  • 1066 conquest - Models
  • magus - blood mod
  • davide.cool - better grass
  • Musculus Maximus - Menu layout
  • Alpha Delta/Strelac & BC Team - Unit Rosters (models)
  • Horsearcher - Skymod
  • Forrest Gump - The Mercenary Shoppe
  • Blood Broads & Bastards v4.0 - Dearmad and Pnutmaster
  • Rev. - strat model weapons


Ferrum Aeternum subforum

Download thread

Patch 0.60 download thread


Georgian warriors
Georgian warriors
Georgian warriors
Georgian warriors
Berdiche warriors
Berdiche warriors
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