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This is part of the text I originally send to the curia for being patronized, but I think it describes quite well my experience with the twc-forum and it's community over the past years:

Originally I joined the forum just for the single reason as it seemed to be the best and biggest forum for total war fans in these days and I never regretted my decision.

I started reading in the general game discussion subforums first but soon my interest in modding awoke. To be honest back then I had the strong feeling that this game desperately needed modding as in its current state it was somewhat imperfect, especially regarding the skins. So I gained my first modding experiences while adding skins of other modders into my game, dealing with ctds caused by typos. Then I started changing unit stats, made some simple unit cards. Later I installed 3ds max and changed some of the models to my likings.

One day a lucky coincidence happened: I met ferres and installed his first work, an early version of the "Modding Legions" skins. I soon got involved in working on his mod, first as just someone who gave suggestions how things should look like. Then I did some changes to some models and textures for the mod, showed some screenshots and asked ferres if he likes it. Also ferres had some problems with his slow internet connection back then so I was the one uploading his mod. As the mod grows there was need for a good and easy readme. Even thought ferres was still the one who did the textures and models, I soon became some kind of "manager" for his mod, creating the readme, changing models if they didn't fit, putting the whole thing together and uploading it. If there's one thing that I'm really proud of it's most likely the extensive readme, which makes it easy for players integrating the whole mod into a pre-modded game with nearly no modding experience.

This was going for a few month. Then unfortunately ferres decided to take a break and I took over the mod by 100%. Even though I was quite unsure if I could develop this mod as good as ferres did I took the challenge. To make long things short: I can proudly say it was a success. Because my skinning and modding abilities are limited I went on a shopping tour: Every day I looked trough the forum for good work. When I found something good I asked the modder if I could use it. Mostly they said "yes" and I integrated it into Modding legions, mostly adapting it to my needs. The skins became better and better and - I think I can say that - the fans really liked it.

Other modders joined the undertaking: Pinarius, who did most of the cavalry skins and of course AlCord who did the best rtw unit cards in all time!

It was really a great time. But as all things everything comes to an end eventually. After many month I just totally lost interest in the mod. And m2tw was not so long away, too. Then, a few month ago, ferres took over the mod again releasing a final version - for which I also created the readme files, converting them fully from rtw v1.2 to rtw v1.5 based text files - and after that he also retired. I hope no one will forget of him. I proudly think that we have still the best roman skins around. *gg*

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