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Garbarsardar's Fight Club

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Garbarsardar's Fight Club is a forum in the Discussion and Debate section where members of TWC can challenge each other and engage in formal debates.


Whereas the other forums of the Discussion and Debate section are more like discussions, Garbarsardar’s Fight Club hosts formal debates only. These debates usually consists of two debaters and have their own rules. These rules differ a lot from the rules in other Discussion and Debate forums. A debater can challenge another debater into a debate, or debaters could be matched up by viewers. The Fight Club was called after Garbarsardar, because he was the one proposing the idea of formal debates on the site and leading the project.


Garbarsardar’s Fight Club has two sub-forums. The Commentary Forum and the Past Debates Archive. As their names would suggest the Commentary Forum is made up out of commentaries of debates that occured or are occuring in the Fight Club. The Past Debates Archive forum is made up out of all previous ended debates.

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