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Generals are named characters whose potrait will appear when a settlement or army is chosen. They are members of the factions' ruling family. They will have traits (good and bad) as well as a retinue of ancillary characters.

1. Every general will have a bodyguard unit and its size will depend on the rank and experience of that general. The bodyguard type will depend on what faction, the game timeline and so on.
2. Generals bodyguard units that are lost in battle will gradually be replaced.
3. Generals who end a turn in a settlement will become the Governor. If there are two or more generals in a settlement, the one with the most management experience will rule.
4. The best general in a settlement will command the garrison in the event of a siege.
5. Should a governor leave a settlement he will again become a general.
6. Generals also have the ability to hire mercenaries.
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