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Gods of Total War were founded in March 2007 by ||GoTW||Loopz & ||GoTW||King-Dog and are largely found on Rome: Total War. They claim to be the strongest and most active clan on Rome Total War. GOTW have been in many tournaments and clan wars.

Clan Structure

GoTW has 20 ranks

Beginning Ranks

  • TR
  • RCT.. Recruit I-III
  • SLDR... Soldier I-III
  • CPL.. Corporal I-III
  • SGT.. Seargent I-III
  • CPT.. Captain I-III

Senior Member Ranks

  • MA.. Marshall
  • COL.. Colonel
  • COM.. Commander


  • SEN

Current Members

Active Members

Inactive Members

Ex Members

Clanwar History

Most Recent

  • HGoTW war

GoTW, SoR Vs. Hell, AoE, TaoW, Wolves, OTD, WoT, Nord

  • BG War

GoTW, SoR Vs, Hell, Aoe, TaoW

  • ATW


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