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Gyrosmeister Avatar.png

Nationality: Greek
Current Rank: Civis
TWC: Forum Profile


Gyrosmeister is a Total War: Rome II modder.

Main Mods

The Last Stand of Greece

A Wrath of Sparta scenario overhaul, bringing two lesser known conflicts to life; The 4th Macedonian War (150BC-148BC) and the Achaian War (146BC). The mod features 12 playable factions, a reworked mercenary system, 11 playable historical characters and more diverse and varied unit rosters thanks to the later era.

See Gyrosmeister's Scenario Overhaul on TWC

Demetrios Poliorketes

A Wrath of Sparta scenario overhaul pushing the starting date forward to 294BC when Demetrios took the throne of Macedon. The mod features heavy focus on the "Big 4" of the period (Demetrios, Pyrrhos, Lysimachos and Ptolemaios) with historical traits and expanded family trees among others, a reworked recruitment system, Banditry/Plagues & Government Actions and other campaign mechanics.

See Gyrosmeister's Scenario Overhaul on TWC

Minor Mods

Etruscan Shield Patterns for Rise of the Republic

This mod adds 7 new shield patterns for the Etruscans, replacing the vanilla Greek ones in order to increase variety and immersion when playing as the Etruscans.

See Mod thread


Custom Hoplite Shield Pattern

This tutorial explains how to add a custom Hoplite Shield Pattern into the game.

Family Tree Modding

This tutorial explains the basics of Family Tree modding in Rome II.


Award Type Reason
2018 NewModder large.png Modding Award Awarded for winning runner up ex equo in the favourite new modder category in the 2018 Modding Awards. Award received on July 11, 2019.
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