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Heavy Xiliang Cavalry (TW3K Unit)

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Heavy Xiliang Cavalry (TW3K Unit)
3k main unit fire heavy xiliang cavalry.png
Element Fire
Class Spear Cavalry
Weight Heavy
Unit Size 40
Weaponry Spear (Two Handed)
Armour Iron (Full)
Morale 38
Speed 52
Melee Damage 9
Melee Damage (Armour Piercing) 38
Melee Attack Rate 20
Charge Bonus 281
Bonus vs Cavalry 10
Melee Evasion (Base) 12%
Armour (Base) 32
Ranged Block Chance 0%
Recruitment Cost 6600
Upkeep Cost 290
Attributes Hide in Forest,

Loose Formation, Diamond, Wedge, Immune to Scare, Raider

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