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Hegemonia City States

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Hegemonia City States
Platform BI 1.6
Mod Type Total Conversion
Era600 BC - 400 BC
Mod Leader Jarlaxe, Starlightman, Aradan
Release Status version 0.99 (Beta)
Forum / Thread Here
Campaign Map:
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Hegemonia city states is a complete modification of Rome: Total War based on BI. The mod is dedicated to Hellenic history and the wars of the Hellenic people from late 6th century to the Peloponnesian wars.


  • New music and battle cries


Team Leader

  • Jarlaxe
  • Starlightman
  • Aradan

Project Director:

  • Jarlaxe
  • Starlightman
  • Aradan


  • Uranos
  • 3D Modellers:
  • Jarlaxe

Unit Textures (Skinners):

  • Jarlaxe
  • Music and Sound Effects:
  • nettos
  • Aradan

assisted by:

  • Starlightman
  • Romios


  • Aradan


  • Aradan

Historians and research team:

  • Starlightman
  • Agisilaos
  • Phalanx300
  • grouchy13
  • Timoleon of Korinthos
  • The Thespian


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