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Medieval II Total War Kingdoms Crusades campaign Heroes

Heroes are a new type of characters in Medieval Total war II introduced in the Kingdoms expansion Crusades. These characters are similar to the normals however they start with high levels of command, authority and/or Chivalry, have special traits and have special abilities in battle. This powerful Characters are real monarchs that conducted the destinies of the Crusaders and Muslims at that time. The Byzantine Empire has Emperor Manuel, the KOJ has Richard the Lionheart , Principality of Antioch has Philip II of France, Egypt has Saladin and the Turks have Nur-ad-Din. Emperor Manuel special ability is to cause chaos among some enemy units for some time putting them out of play,Richard can summon a tremendous call that rallies immediatly any routing units, Philip II can temporarily increase the attack and stamina of his troops , Sultan Nur can make his troops inspired and give them a boost to their attack speed and morale for a limited time, Saladin has the ability to greatly inspire his troops, setting their morale to full.

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