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Holland Guard (ETW Unit)

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Holland Guard (ETW Unit)
Class Elite Infantry
Unit Size 160
Weaponry Muskets
Melee Attack
Ranged Attack
Charge Bonus
Region The Netehrlands
Recruitment Cost 1210
Upkeep Cost 300
Turns to Build
Unit Limit
Building Requirements Army Staff College
Technology Requirements
  • Can Guard
  • Can hide in woodland
  • Can hide in light scrub
  • Resistant to morale shocks
  • Inspires nearby units
  • Inspires nearby units
  • chevaux de frise
  • earthworks
  • Fire and advance drill
  • Improved platoon fire
  • Rank firing drill
  • Can adopt square formation
  • Hollandguardsthumb.pngThe Holland Guards are infantry, charged with protecting the national leader and his immediate family.


    These troops are equipped as line infantry, and carry smoothbore muskets. Their uniforms are splendid, and mark them out as a superior unit, in arrogance if nothing else. They are trained to deliver devastating volley fire, and never to waver in the face of a foe. This attitude serves them well in battle, as the Guard can hardly be seen to cut and run, no matter how hot the fight.

    Historically, the guards sometimes became the only unit a leader could rely on when politics got out of hand, most of the time. It was not unknown for the Guard to be kingmakers, even in a republic, and only give their protection to their preferred choice of leader. With the turbulent history of the Dutch, the Holland Guard were provided with numerous opportunities to change the national leader. As the 18th century drew to a close, the fire of the French Revolution was spreading through Europe: free thinkers saw the merits of the Revolution and many set their minds on something similar in their own countries.


    The Holland Guard are an elite unit, and should be treated as such. They can support the other infantry well if they are spread out between the regular line infantry, using their abilities and power to take the pressure off of other infantry.


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