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Infraction Appeals and Discussion

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Infraction Appeals and Discussion is a special forum on Total War Center that allows members to appeal infractions and comment/question moderation policy. As a part of site administration, it is generally moderated and overseen by the Hexagon Council. The Tribunal itself has a unique branch of staff attached to it.


The Praetorium is a section to privately appeal notes and infractions to Moderation Staff. Members can start a thread about their sanction to state that an error was made, request leniency or request reclassification and review. Moderation as a whole discusses the issue, and a reduction or removal may result in cases of error and/or with good persuasion by the member. If the member is unsatisfied by the outcome, they are free to take it to the Tribunal.

The Tribunal

The Tribunal is a section for users to publicly appeal their note or infraction to a panel of site judges. Note that post deletions/edits and site bans cannot be appealed here (the latter case must contact the administration). It is staffed by two Tribunes and two elected Magistrates, who are all independent of site Moderation. Tribunes are appointed by the administration and Magistrates are regular Citizens in good standing who have passed a vote in the Curia to reach their position. In each case, both tribunes and one magistrate come together and decide if the note/infraction was valid under the Terms of Service.

Members start a thread, opening with what the infraction was and why it was invalid/should be changed. A Moderation Overseer will post the infraction text, and from there the Tribunal will ask any questions needed to come to a conclusion.

The process has no time limit, although more than a few weeks would be unusual. Two out of three votes are needed for a decision. If the third dissents, the dissenting argument will be made available. Rulings from the tribunal are final, and an overturn from here by the administration itself would be highly unusual.

Members & Badges

Current Tribunes and Magistrates are listed with their badges below:

Troy Tribune.png

Troy Magistrate.png


The Commentary forum allows general discussion of Moderation, the Tribunal, or threads for in-depth discussions related to either. They are moderated by the Hexagon Council, and all members are invited to participate and have their questions answered. Non-Hex moderation and general staff do not generally post in this area. The Tribunal does participate in this section, and can moderate their own commentary thread when needed.

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