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Invasio Barbarorum II

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Invasio Barbarorum II
Platform Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms
Mod Type Total Conversion
EraLate Roman Era
Mod Leader Ramon Gonzales y Garcia
Release Status Full Release
Forum / Thread Here

INVASIO BARBARORVM 2, is a series of modification for M2TW Kingdoms set in the late Roman Era, the mod is planned to be developed by sub-campaigns focusing on major events of the era building up to a final grand campaign set during the fall of the Western Roman Empire.



information on the RTW:BI mod Invasio Barbarorum and its sub-mods here


Mod's History


The first installment of Invasio Barbarorum 2 is Africa Vandalorum. Set in 426AD, the year the Vandals crossed into Africa at the invitation of Bonifacius. The campaign will feature a map of the Western mediterranean from Diocese Pannoniae to Diocese Hispania (under the Vandals and Suebians)




The first installment will feature the following factions:

The Map

The map is done mostly by Nevada with the radar map base by Hereje





Building Tree

Constructing buildings in IBFD is a bit more complex than in BI. The diagram below is a representation of a typical build tree (the building in the higher level is necessary to build a building, for example a church is necessary to build catacombs or abbeys)


farms lvl 2+
market lvl 2+
gov't house lvl 2+
tavern lvl 1+
execution square lvl 1+
academies lvl 1+
wall lvl 3+
port lvl 3+
health lvl 4
amphitheatre lvl 2+
monuments lvl 2+
roads lvl 3+
temples and churches lvl 3+
catacombs lvl 1+
abbeys lvl1+
smith lv 3+
barracks lvl 4+
stables lvl 3+
siege engineers lvl 3+

Buildings and Resources

Moreover, some buildings need a certain resource, if this resource is unavailable in a region, the building will cause an economic loss (This is done to emulate importing the said resource). In some cases, if the resource is available, then it will result in an economic gain (exports), still in some cases, the resource is a necessity, and the building cannot be built if the resource is unavailable


Recruiting your units in IBFD depends on your culture.

Barbarians (

infantry - gov't buildings
cavalry - stables


infantry - barracks
cavalry - stables


infantry - barracks
cavalry - stables

Steppe People

infantry - barracks
cavalry - gov't buildings

Desert People

infantry - gov't buildings (low level) barracks (professional soldiery)
cavalry - stables

siege engineers are simply that, buildings to build siege engines, archers are trained in standard barracks or called up from the population.

Smithies are also necessary to train heavily armored units. Since the building requirement to train units is bugged in 1.6, this has been decided to be the best solution. For the cultures that do not recruit from barracks/stables, these builings give morale and experience bonuses, and are still worth building.

Graphical Build Trees

Below is a typical Roman building tree.



External Links

INVASIO BARBARORVM 2 hosted forum at TWC

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