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Janissary Musketeers (M2TW Unit)

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Janissary Musketeers (M2TW Unit)
Janissary musketeers info.png
Class Missile Infantry
Unit Size 48
  • Musket
  • Sword
  • Morale 11
    Melee Attack 12
    Ranged Attack 17
    Defence 9
    Charge Bonus V3
    Accuracy NA
    Range 180
    Ammunition 20
    Region Global
    Recruitment Cost 830
    Upkeep Cost 175
    Turns to Build 1
    Unit Limit 4
    Building Requirements
  • Royal Barracks
  • Technology Requirements None
  • Can withdraw
  • Fire by rank
  • Hide forest
  • Sea faring
  • Very Hardy

  • Janissary musketeers thumbnail.pngThe Janissary were quick to adopt firearms and use them with the same expertise they had shown with their bows.


    Janissaries, 'Yeni ceri' , meaning new soldier in Greek are recruited by a levy of Christian boys within the empire, and trained from a young age. As an elite corps they have the best armour and equipment, and are the first in the Turkish army to use the newly invented musket. This heavy gun has a respectable range and can penetrate almost any armour, and is almost guaranteed to inflict a wound that kills or maims.


    Janissary Musketeers are high disciplined missile unit, who, unlike some other gunpowder, can actually prove useful in a battle. Their firearms scare and frighten enemy units (especially elephants) and unlike earlier firearm units, their firearms can prove as deadly as bows or crossbows. Their scare factor should not be undervalued as it can significantly help in reducing enemy morale, resulting in an easier fight for your melee troops. Janissary Musketeers also have the benefit of fire by rank, which enables them to unleash a near constant state of fire.


    • Turks Thumbnail.png Turks
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