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Jones King

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The New Shadow promo poster
Fourth Eorlingas promo poster

Has designed websites for numerous clans in the WOW, Face of Mankind and Neocron communities. Involved in The Fourth Age: Total War project for 2 years. It was however the involvement with FATW that pushed the edges of previous abillities to a new level. Constant feedback and general high level of quality within the development group contributed to this effect.

The designs for the Fourth Age were loadscreens, in-game menu items, promotion art, and more. It was during the late development of Forth Eorlingas and later the development of The New Shadow that his style changed significantly to a more popular/mainstream 'movie poster' theme in his promotion designs.

"I use movie/cinema trailer sites as an inspiration source for my promotion projects. I use the promotion art to tell a story on a very superficial level as a trailer does. I strive to envoke certain feelings on those who view the art... [...] it may even promote the mod/game to a level where it doesnt belong. Thant doesnt bother me however as my job, in creating the promotion art, is to get the viewer or user excited so he or she will download or use the mod/game."

Also the creator of the Chronicles of Arcus and its fictional setting the World of Arcus.

Jones King

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