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King's Banner

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King's Banner
Platform Medieval II Total War: Kingdoms
Mod Type Graphics Pack and Campaign Enhancement
Mod Leader joedreck
Release Status 3.0
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Kings Banner in-game screenshot

This is a mod for Medieval II: Total War. This mod adds over 130 new main banners, many new upgrade banners and over 300 new shield textures for Medieval 2. Every one of the large factions have received new banners. There also created a system which will allow more banners for each faction than was available in vanilla. Developer tried to make all textures as historically accurate, as was possible.


Special Units

Knights of:

  • Bremer, Leibwalcks (hre)
  • Gongora, Mora (spain, portugal)
  • Norfolk, Cornwall (england)
  • Fogliano (milan, venice, sicily)
  • Przemysl (poland)
  • Jerusalem (all crusader states)

Other units:

  • Byzantine Palace Guard (byzantium)
  • Teutonic soldiers (hre) (Crossbowmen, Helbardier, Swordmen)

These special units are recruitable in special cities/castles and are rare. Order Knights;
Complete with own uniforms, banners and shields:

  • Knights of Miechowici (poland, hungary)
  • Knights Templar, Veteran Knights Templar (france)
  • Knights of Malta (milan, venice)
  • Knights Hospitaller, Veteran Knights Hospitaller (england, scotland, denmark, sicily)
  • Knights of Komtur Grudenc, Braunsberg, Marienburg (hre)

(with 2 new helmets)

Other New units

  • Light Swordmen: recuitable in the early period in castles

(hre, france, england, scotland, denmark, poland, hungary, sicily, venice, milan, spain, portugal)

  • Swordmen: recuitable in the middle period in cities

(hre, france, england, milan, venice, sicily. get a special one: poland, hungary)

  • Heavy Mailed Knight: recuitable in the early period in castles

(hre, england, france, denmark, milan, venice, sicily, portugal, spain, scotland)

  • Mazowiak (poland)
  • Pronoia Infantry, Light Infantrymen, Byzantine Spearmen (byzantine)

New Character Battle Models

Generals, Heirs & Kings;

added new general battle models for some factions
  • Generals: spain, hre, england, venice, france, byzantine
  • Heirs: spain, hre, england, france, venice
  • Kings: spain, hre, england, france, byzantine, venice

Shields, Banners, Textures

Some of the units have special banners, which are only for them. Examples: Templar, Teutonic order (3 different), special units

  • over 500 shield textures (min 200 made by Salty for our mod Art of War).

The heraldic symbols are from historical sources.

  • over 140 banners. Some of them are retextured with a material texture

The heraldic symbols are from historical sources.

  • the units get the burreks textures and some are my design.

New Weapons

(in following categories);

  • Axe, Warhammer, Sword, Mace
  • Twohander-Axe, Bill, Poleaxe, Berdiche
  • Hellebard, Voulge, Swordstaff

Ancillaries (retinue)

  • adds over 140 new pics for the retinue
  • no doubble pics for the ancs and the arabic got their own pics
  • every faction got their own crowns (the arabic get a special symbol)
  • every faction got their own king's banners

Map/Battle Map

  • add new Provinces: St Austell, Norwich, Burgos, Koeln, Marienburg, Radom, Gniezno, Bryno, Orleans, Ripen, Allborg, Lund, Lagos, Oporto
  • add more Rebels inside the Rebel settlements
  • add new settlement managment. the settlements don't grow so fast
  • add expensive buildings, which have longer building time
  • add new ressources: salt, tar, honey, hemp, dogs
  • add agents limit(spy and assassin)
  • add new recruiting system. mounted-, foot-troops need for building stables or barracks
  • add more money for the ai (for expensive buldings aso)
  • add some new unit cards (archer, crossbowmen...)
  • add new city/castle look for england, south europe and teutonic regions
  • add more expencive upgrades for the units
  • add new upkeep costs. horses are more expensive then foot troops
  • add stronger missile archers and crossbowmen (+1)
  • add new models and textures for upgraded venetian archers
  • add typical english spearmen with their helmets as upgraded levy spearmen
  • add new mercs (european muslims) for islamic factions
  • add mini siege mod for better strat siege optic

Included mods

  • Retrofit mod for basis
  • Burrek's Mod


The Team

Mod leader:


Thanks to:

Unspoken Knight for his Retrofit mod
Salty for the Denmark color changes and Italien shields
riczu74 for his siege and trading minimod
Alletun for his help with milkshape

See Also

Visual Material

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