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Kingdoms Grand Campaign Mod

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Mod Logo

Kingdoms Grand Campaign Mod
Platform M2TW Kingdoms
Mod Type Total conversion
Mod Leader Dave Scarface
Release Status Released
Mod FolderedYes
Forum / Thread Here

Kingdoms Grand Campaign Mod is an Expansion of the Grand Campaign that adds all the new factions and units from Kingdoms


Dave Scarface started working on KGCM back in the summer of 2007. It was at first simply only a mod that added KOJ and Antioch to the Grand Campaign using the bigmap. He had no previous experince of modding so had to learn most of this stuff from scratch, he was a quick learner and a Medieval 2 enthusiast. The mod proved to be a success with many TWC members enjoying it. And the mod just grew and grew from there. More factions were added, more improvements were made to it all the time. And now it has taken CA's fantastic game M2TW to a whole new level. This is the medieval experience many players wanted vanilla to be and this is what the developer had given them. A lot of hard work has gone into this mod and from the feedback he got in his official TWC mod forum he knows it has been worth it for everyone.


Kingdoms Grand Campaign Mod is a mod that continues the work done by CA and does not change the style. This mod is more of an expansion of the Grand Campaign and not a mod that offers entirely new factions/skins/units etc. A combination of keeping to the vanilla style and expanding it all onto an epic size map gives a feeling like "the M2TW that vanilla could have been". So whilst it is not the best mod for M2TW in terms of adding new content, it is a highly enjoyable mod and a good place for people to start who are just getting into using mods for the first time. Many M2TW players don't want everything to be changed, they simply want all the Kingdoms factions and units added to the Grand Campaign. This is what they were waiting for.


Campaign Map.
KGCM-British Isles Preview

KCGM delivers every single unit that Kingdoms expansion has. 8 new factions from Kingdoms have been added to the Grand Campaign including playable Mongols and Aztecs. In KGCM every single turn is equal to 6 months. Many new and intriguing features have been added to the Grand Campaign (Retrofit mod). Garrison scripts for AI controlled factions. Settlement growth slowed and income reduced to make the campaign more challenging. New campaign AI and battle AI which delivers new level of challenge to the players at every difficulty. An incredible reworking of Bigmap with many more settlements added many map fixes plus better map textures. A very well balanced campaign, every faction is harder to play compared with vanilla. Very few rebel settlements at the start. Factions start off with realistic borders instead. Historical accuracy is way more accurate than vanilla.

New Factions

  1. Kingdom of Jerusalem
  2. Kingdom of Antioch
  3. Teutonic Order
  4. Lithuania
  5. Ireland
  6. Wales
  7. Norway
  8. Novgorod

Heroes Hordes & beyond

Heroes Hordes & beyond is a submod that adds more factions, historical characters with their own unique strat and battle models. With this mod mod player will have a total of 31 factions which along with previous ones include apacheans for the new world flanders for europe and added back the Timurids to the middle east. Along with all this there many more core enhancements included in it.

Key Features

  • Kingdoms factions added to the Grand Campaign.
  • All new units from Kingdoms added.
  • Massively improvemed BigMap.
  • Retrofit mod included.
  • Hotseat mode enabled.
  • Added new events.
  • Garrison script added.
  • Playable Mongols and Aztecs.
  • Lusted's Campaign and Battle AI.
  • Tokus Maximus new ancillaries.
  • New Victory conditions.
  • And Much more.




  • Creative Assembly for the Kingdoms expansion pack.
  • Unspoken Knight for Retrofit mod/new installer.
  • Soul Firez for Heroes Hordes & beyond.
  • Lusted for his CAI and BAI.
  • Tokus Maximus for Tokus graphics.
  • Spurius for use of his Bigmap.
  • Dearmad for new ancillaries.


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