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Experienced Polish Total War player.

TW MP Profile of Krook:

Age: 24

Tournament Wins: I have never win anything but I was into 3 many times:

2nd in HLC 2007 LAN 3rd in HLC 2008 LAN

Member of MTW 1 Polish National Team on Total War World Cup.

3rd into Polish Championship BI 2vs2 (with Usher) Twice 3rd place into CWC - once on RTW and once on MTW 2 2nd into CCS

Hall Of Fame/Title wins: totalwar.org.pl award - Mysterious Background Ruler 2005 Player of the Month, Code of Honor and HoF MP M2TW Feared Player 2007 Impressive BAN collection (most people don't like when telling them truth exactly into face)

Nickname:KrooK - [SC]KrooK

Bio: I started my journey at Shogun - for first year into single player only. Then I started multiplayer and did not stop till now. At the beginning I was member of Excalibur clan and after its fall I entered ronin path. September 2004 was day of great change into my player life - it was first day of Sacred Company - my actual clan and one of first polish clans into community. First months were very hard but we survived. Nowadays SC is respected and appreciated clan with good views on future. Release of MTW2 was another great change. Before it I liked team games more than 1vs1. Now it changed and I'm better into duels than teams. This moment, like rest of clan, we are training to Total War Championship to prove that position of SC is still strong.

Clan: Sacred Company

External Links

Krook's .Org Profile

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