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Lakedaimon (ROP Faction)

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Sparta or Lakedaimon begin with only Sparte' under their controal and strong nearby rebels to represent the other greek city states, as well as the city state of Athens (Athenai)

Spartan units are, as historical, very strong and very rare, with hippies spartanies being trainable only in Sparte itself, but being able to win in any straight 1 on 1 fight. Aditional spartan units are Spartanes, who are a match for most factions elite infantry and Kyrptera, groups of Spartan youths armed with javlins that can hide in long grass.

Spartan cavalry, like the rest of the greek factions, is very poor in quality and very low in number, it is therefore not recomended to use more than 2 units per army, unless of course, mercinary cavalry is obtained which is much stronger and has higher numbers than the greek hippies.

Sparta can colonise all settlements her armies conquer, allowing recruitment of Spartan units anywhere.

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