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Lines of Battle

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Lines of Battle
Platform Total War: Rome II
Mod Type Gameplay Upgrade
EraClassical Antiquity
Mod Leader 'Gunny
Release Status v3.0
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Lines of Battle is a tactical gameplay modification for Total War: Rome II that focuses on historical accuracy and realism while at the same time keeping the gameplay fun.


Lines of Battle was started by 'Gunny on September 05 2013 with the intention of changing the gameplay mechanics that Total War: Rome II had during launch. It stayed true to its objective throughout its development, but on November 03, 2013, the team announced v3.0, which not only changes the gameplay mechanics, but also introduces AOR and other features that make the mod an overhaul of Total War: Rome II. This update did not occur as 'Gunny started collaborating with the Divide et Impera team to implement such changes to their mod where Lines of Battle is present in the mod Divide et Impera. Making Lines of Battle still a gameplay mechanics mod.


Lines of Battle brings a complete overhaul to battles with the battle mechanics being reworked such as the morale and fatigue of units and the implementation of new units into the game.


  • Fatigue now has a greater effect on units so it is best to choose your battles wisely as melee engagements will last longer and have a major effect on the units' fatigue.
  • Discipline has been increased in the ranks, making them keep their formations, but units are slower than before. Morale has been reworked to give more balance throughout battles. This helps the battles last longer than in vanilla Total War: Rome II.
  • Romans are no longer powerful. Some of the infantry's stats has been re-worked such as the Hastati who no longer have stats that are similar or the same as elite units from other factions. Naval ships and artillery no longer have very good accuracy as a sniper.
  • Dust particles during battle have been reduced which slightly improves performance.
  • The mod has three versions with various unit sizes to use:
* Vanilla - 1.0x
* Moderate - 1.5x
* Large - 2.0x

The Team

  • 'Gunny (Team Lead; Gameplay Design, eltic Design)
  • Ahiga (Carthiginian, Hellenic, and Eastern Faction Design)
  • Heathen Storm (Germanic Faction Design)

Visual Material

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