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Local Moderator

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A Local Moderator is a user with the ability to manage posts in a particular forum (pin, edit, delete, move if they are in multiple areas). They are not members of Staff, and they are not able to issue notes, infractions or suspensions/bans. As regular members they are distinct with a grey name and the ability to change their user title.

The founder of a mod with a hosted mod forum is automatically its local moderator. Additional local mods can be added upon request to an administrator. Technically speaking, some branches of Staff are the 'local moderators' of certain areas they operate in order to run them. Where possible it is ideal to contact a local moderator (or Staff branch) to update information. The Report feature will notify any local moderators and the Moderation Staff. If local moderators are unavailable or inactive, Moderation or an Administrator may step in to update information. Local moderators are bypassed when there is a terms of service issue.

See Also

  • Little guide for local mods by PowerWizard, a somewhat dated but still accurate primer on what local moderators are and what they can do.
  • The Silver Shield, a former publication dedicated to the experiences of local moderators on TWC. Much more material is saved on the forum here.
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