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|Name= Lu Bu
|Name= Lu Bu
|Image=[[File:Lu bu.png]]
|Game=[[Total War: Three Kingdoms]]
|Game=[[Total War: Three Kingdoms]]
|Culture= Han
|Culture= Han

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Lu Bu (TW3K Character)
Lu bu.png
Name: Lu Bu
Game: Total War: Three Kingdoms
Culture: Han
Starting Faction: The Dong Clan of Liang
Faction Leader: No
Style Name:Fengxian
Title:General of the Left, Marquis of Wen

Lu Bu is a unique character in the Total War: Three Kingdoms grand campaign.

Historical Background

The other poster child for the Three Kingdoms era, Lu Bu hailed from Jiuyang in Bing province, the northern frontier of the empire. Due to the chaotic nature of the region, he quickly gained a reputation for being a great warrior, fantastic archer, and expert rider. Ding Yuan, Inspector of Bing Province, heard about him and made him one of his staff. When the chaos around Emperor Ling's death erupted in Luoyang, Ding Yuan was one of those recalled to the capitol by He Jin to help fix the situation. Following He Jin's assassination, Dong Zhuo took over and managed to persuade or bribe Lu Bu into killing Ding Yuan, who would have been a rival for power over the capitol. Upon doing this, Dong Zhuo adopted Lu Bu as his son and made him his bodyguard.

During the days of the coalition, Lu Bu spent most of his time guarding Dong Zhuo until it was time to burn Luoyang, at which point he was put in charge of robbing everything that was not nailed down from the imperial tombs. When Sun Jian came, Lu Bu was one of those who was sent out to fight him and suffered the same fate as everyone else, crushing defeat. He returned to Chang'an, but his relationship with his foster father soured and he was once again persuaded to turn on his patron, this time by the imperial ministers led by Wang Yun. He killed Dong Zhuo, but Wang Yun refused to grant amnesty to Dong Zhuo's other generals, who proceeded to kill Wang Yun and drive Lu Bu out of Chang'an.

Lu Bu spent the next couple of years bouncing between different warlords, most of whom didn't trust him as far as they could throw him (Yuan Shu outright refused to have him, Yuan Shao tried to kill him), until he was invited by Chen Gong and Zhang Miao to replace Cao Cao as Inspector of Yan Province while Cao Cao was away fighting Tao Qian. Lu Bu and Cao Cao then warred over Yan for some time, but Cao Cao ultimately won and Lu Bu was forced to seek refuge with Liu Bei in Xu. Liu Bei went off to go fight Yuan Shu, and while he was away, Zhang Fei was left in charge of Xu. Zhang Fei mistreated his soldiers, who turned to Lu Bu for help, whereupon he threw Zhang Fei out of Xiapi, claiming Xu for his own.

At this point, Lu Bu had a strong army, a decent strategist in Chen Gong, and some of the best generals of the era under his command, such as Zhang Liao, Gao Shun, and Zang Ba. However, he was not able to lead a state, and both diplomacy and administration went poorly for him. He wavered between fighting Yuan Shu and allying with him and didn't build up his strength during peacetime. This allowed Cao Cao to isolate him and launch the Xiapi campaign. Lu Bu refused to listen to Chen Gong's strategies and began behaving very erratically, so his less loyal subordinates began turning on him. Once Cao Cao flooded Xiapi, they kidnapped Chen Gong and Gao Shun, and Lu Bu was forced to surrender to Cao Cao. He was executed, along with Gao Shun and Chen Gong in 199AD.

Start Location

Lu Bu starts as an officer of The Dong Clan of Liang

Start Overview