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Mada (ROP Faction)

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Mâda, or Media in English, is a faction in the Rise of Persia modification, situated in present day Iran.


In 614 B.C. the Assyrian empire was facing an insurrection from the men of Babylon and their King Nabopolassar. Cyaxares saw his oppurtunity to strike for freedom and marched at the head of the united western median states to attack Assyria. After winning a magnificent victory at Assur, Cyaxares met Nabopolassar and formed a solid alliance with him. The united forces went on to finally extinguish the power of the Assyrians once and for all. After winning great distinction for the Medes in this war Cyaxares went home to Media and left Babylon to pick up the pieces of the broken Assyrian empire. The Medians returned to their original patterns of life and abandoned the fortresses that the Assyrians had built to watch over their trade routes. Life was peaceful in Media and the men were free again.


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