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Magnar Mod

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Magnar Mod
Platform Total War: Rome II
Mod Type Overhaul
EraStandard Rome II era
Mod Leader Magnar
Release Status 2.33
Forum / Thread Here
Campaign Map:
214950 screenshots 2014-09-25 00002.jpg


Magnar Mod is a mod for Rome 2 focused on historical accuracy and realism above all else. It has since been incorporated into Vae Victus.



Magnar Mod aim is one thing and one thing only - historical accuracy. Historical rosters, historical names, historical armor, everything is trying to be portrayed as accurately as possible. The effects of terrain and weather are increased, morale has been tweaked so as to encourage smart tactics, the hope being that you will learn to dread battles.If you love history, and you feel like other mods are too focused on game play, then this is the mod for you.



  • Many of the more "gamey" elements have been removed, such as "magic abilities" and the like.
  • Combat is now more drawn out, so no more skirmish lasting less a minute. Morale,fatigue,naval combat,and terrain effects have all been overhauled.
  • The animation for pilum throws have been changed, missiles are now less accurate, and artillery has more ammunition. Artillery has been removed from factions that historically never used any.
  • Experience is much harder to gain, but the effects of having more experienced units has been increased dramatically.


  • Army stances have been overhauled, with more variations between cultures, and with different effects.
  • Seasons have also been overhauled, with a more complex and dynamic system in place. Custom army templates have been implemented, so no AI armies made up entirely of slingers.
  • Regions and factions have more historical names, and more options have been added when conquering settlements.
  • Recruitment time has been reduced dramatically, and replenishment rates are much slower.

The Team

Visual Material

Magnar Mod Greeks.jpgHzKXM56.jpgMagnar Mod Spearmen.jpg

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