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Magyar Mod

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Magyar Mod
Platform Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms
Mod Type Total Conversion
EraMedieval Era
Mod Leader Csatádi dome
Release Status Released

Current Version v2.13

Forum / Thread Here

General Information

Magyar Mod refines the Hungarian faction the way it was meant to be represented. Since the very release of M2TW the players have always complained that hungary wasn't given the attention that it deserved and the faction colors and starting settlements weren't accurate and this sploied the fun of the grand campaign altogether. So this lead to the birth of Magyar team and they worked hard to make the hungarian faction as real and accurate as possible and with later developments this mod has made moe considerable changes that takes the grand camapign to a new level of fun.

The current version is 2.13 and was released on 20 August, 2010. On 20 Aug, 1083 Saint István or Saint Stephen I became one of the most popular saints in Hungary, and the date of his canonization is celebrated as a national holiday commemorating the foundation of the state. The Christian Hungarian Kingdom was created by him 1010 years ago.

The mod is kingdoms based v1.5 and in it the 1 turn is equals to 2 years as in standard vanilla, so in this way the gameplay style of the player won't be affected.


Campaign Map

Campaign Map.
Campaign Map Preview

The Map has been improved considereably now. One can see the diffrence for himself below:-

Campaign Map.
Map:-Before And After

The intrguing features of this map are as follows:-

  • Vanilla size, 151 provinces.
  • Completely reworked political map, historically accurate regions and starting positions.
  • Some factions have lesser regions than they written had, because of rebellions and/or weak royal power.
  • Added resources: salt, horse, glass and weapons.
  • Added factions: Kiev, Cumans, Teutons and Lithuanians.
  • Early generals on the strat map.
  • Some Rusichi strat map models especially for the Russian factions.
  • XCAI campaign AI:- Making the AI smarter and tougher to beat.

Game Play

The Gameplay has been tweaked a little bit in order to game the experience of this mod more mesmerizing.

  • Mongols will come to the Cuman steppes. They will be pagans.
  • Detailed disasters, the Great Mortality included
  • Historical heretic movements
  • Some buildings can be built only after certain time
  • Building time suits to the 2 turns per year time scale
  • Buildable permanent stone forts like in the Crusades campaign
  • Modified winning conditions for every faction for short and longterm campaigns

Small additions:-

  • New (Hungarian) artifact: Holy Right Hand
  • New unique Hungarian ancillaries
  • New title: nádor
  • New quotes, banners, Hungarian coat of arms, events
  • Hungarian names are written in archaic form.

Magyar Units and Balancing

Magyar unit preview.jpg

Units details

  • Completely reworked battle stats, now they have historically accurate strengths, strongnesses and weaknesses.
  • Mercenaries are now much more expensive, so you cannot have constant mercenary armies.
  • Increased armor value especially for the knights.
  • Knights are very powerful units.
  • XBAI battle AI making the AI in battlefield more tougher and realistic.
  • Historical missile ranges.
  • Hooked Gunners and Arbalestiers: new units for the appropriate factions.
  • Three class of crossbow units with different ranges and efficiency.
  • Less hireable units per turn especially knights. Eastern European factions may hire fewer knights than the western countries.
  • Some units appear only when it happened in the history and disappear when obsolated.
  • Bodyguard units are only slightly better than the average knights.
  • Early general battle models for the western factions.
  • Completely reworked Hungarian unit list. The infantry is complatly done, the cavalry is under construction, and are replaced with vanilla units.

Unit rooster for Hungary

Skipped units:-

  • Battlefield assassins: unhistorical.
  • Transylvanian peasants: skipped already, no reason for this unit.
  • Slav levy: also skipped already. There were Slavs in the Hungarian army but there were no separate Slav units. Spearmen will wear mixed Hungarian-Slav clothes. We see no reason to represent separate Slav and Hungarian spearmen units with the same stats.
  • Croat axemen: there were no such units.
  • Hungarian nobles. Their role is replaced.
  • Bosnian archers disappeared because the Magyar archers with their composite bows were more significant. Actually we didn’t hear about any special Bosnian archers.

Added or modified units

Light Cavalry

  • Pechenegs: horse archers with small maces. They will be available in small numbers till the Mongol invasion.
  • Székelys (Szeklers): horse archers. They will be the archer specialists.
  • Cuman Horse Archers: from ~1240 to ~1400
  • Mounted Crossbowmen: first known appearance in 1238, in the late era they representing the czech light cavalry used constantly by the hungarian kings and governors
  • Peasant Horse Archers (militia portalis): late horse archers, a new unit raised historically by king Sigismund. They will be worse units than the ancestors and will have no armor.
  • Serbian hussars: the first Hussars of the high era

Medium Cavalry

  • Light Lancers like mounted sergeants.
  • Royal Warriors/Servienses (former hungarian nobles): horse archers with a lance, shield and leather armor, ready to melee.
  • Cuman Notables: armed with mace and very heavy armor like Chivalry Knights.

Heavy Cavalry

  • Mailed Knights
  • Baronial Cavalry (Royal Banderium): use maces and their upgrade wear German styled full gothic armor.

Light Infantry

  • Foot Archers: armed with composite bows. We could call them also Dismounted Magyar Cavalry or castle guard archers or such but this name is shorter. Needed in siege.

Heavy and Medium Infantry

  • Swordsmen: high era, they wear chainmail.
  • Armored Halberdiers: late era, castle unit.
  • Hooked gunners: the heavy arquebuse with a hugh range and firepower, keeping away the enemy units from thier positions, but they sacraficing mobility for manageing their diabolical weapons.
  • Pavise Spearmen: far better than before. Armored and very slow unit, ideal for blocking enemy cavalry charge. The upgraded unit uses awl pikes, too.

The number of the available units are perfectly balanced making the combat more realistic.

Unit Previews


For more Please go the official Preview thread here.


  • Csatádi: research, planning, map, coding, scripting
  • Dome: research, planning, modeling, skinning, 2D Art


  • Agart: new settlement icons to the strategic map
  • Ainu: 2D maps (not used already)
  • Argent Usher: Real Horses Project
  • Becksim: old loading screens
  • Danova: Magyar Mod banner, skins and skinning advices
  • Davide.cool: Better water 1.0
  • DisgruntledGoat: Byzantine skins
  • Eugen: Janissary skin-Mod
  • Hunor: old Hungarian skins, some mounted units use them yet
  • Magus: Crimson Tide 4.2
  • Matko: Hungarian banners, old version
  • Plasticfigurine: early generals mod
  • Rex Cobalt: Ordo Teutonicus Texture Set
  • Scytha: map research
  • Sgt.moody: events, music
  • ST.Toma: inserting the new factions
  • Stephanus: loading screens, music
  • Tan Sihuaj: map research, Middle-Eastern
  • Vpmedia: new loading skin art and some new pieces
  • Broken Crescent: Cuman units
  • Lithuanian mod: Lithuanian units
  • Rusichi mod: some units and strat map characters
  • XAI mod: battle (4.0) and campaign AI

English translation Bela, Csatádi, EarendilElenthol, Sumskilz, Szilvi & Weltschmerz.

Testers Alavin, Bucca, Herbalist, Kalo, Kaszás & Paszuy.

Special Thanks to Alletun, Alpaca, GrumpyOldMan, KnightErrant, Vercingetorix, Zxiang1983, authors of ALL tutorials and our historian friends.

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