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Medieval Total War – Redux

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Medieval Total War – Redux
Platform Medieval: Total War
Mod Type Overhaul
EraEurope 700-1260 AD
Mod Leader Axalon
Release Status Open Beta 1003
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Campaign Map:
RX Campmap Wiki01.jpg

Medieval Total War – Redux attempts to create a improved and enhanced version of the base game through a variety of methods.


Redux was released for the first time in 8th Aug 2008, as “MTW-Redux 1.0”. This was to set the template of the “old Redux”, which was much closer to the original MTW experience in most regards. The final release with such traits would be “MTW-Redux 1.0b”, which was released in October 2008.

In March 2011, after many delays, the first open beta-release of a “new Redux” finally hit the world. This new release, dubbed “the RXB1000”, brought many changes and improvements to Redux, both in designs, delivered experience and appearance. It had little in common with the original game and it offered many features that were new and unheard of in previous Redux releases. It was basically the template for what is considered as Redux today. With each new release after the RXB1000, many bugs and errors have been “killed” and solved upon detection in following releases, resulting in an increasingly reliable and polished game-experience in later releases. The latest release - made in 24th April 2012 - is the “RXB1003”.


Redux is essentially a better Medieval: Total War in many ways. It improves many aspects of the game such as audio, graphics, faction rosters and the AI among much more. It's main campaign is RX-classic which is the default campaign spanning from 700-1260 AD over a period of 560 turns with the goal of world domination. Redux can run on both V.1.1 or V.2.01-engines, the latter require an additional upgrade – the VI-upgrade - available as a separate download (and to be installed after Redux). The differences between the two versions are nominal in terms of game-experience.


Redux has plenty. In sheer graphics it easily ranks among the most extensive and ambitious works ever created for MTW and it greatly improves the visual experience of the game. At the same time Redux also overhauls nearly everything else in the game from the tech tree to the AI and beyond. Many of these changes have been re-designed from the ground up. Other things like the typical era-progression is removed totally, as is everything related to gun-powder. All the numerous changes combined enable Redux to deliver new levels of complexity, diversity and challenge. In other words, it is much harder to play Redux then a standard game.


The AI has been created from scratch to take advantage of the new troops, buildings and upgrades. Along with It's numerous improvement, many bugs that plagued the AI in vanilla no longer appear in Redux.

  • The AI will usually be more aggressive, active and resilient.
  • The AI will manage it's provinces more sensibly.
  • The AI will typically build bigger, better and more balanced armies. This includes upgrades. The AI is no stranger to advanced troops, provided it also has the necessary resources for it.
  • The AI can manage it's fleets competently which is unusual for a TW game. It may establish trade-routes over seas. Some factions build more ships then others and pirate-fleets may also roam the seas. As a result the AI can and will do seaborne invasions, this includes the rebels.


Redux features and entirely new battle model compared to vanilla, it is more diverse and provides a tougher challenge due to it's unforgiving nature and increased lethality. Your skills will be tested by the higher number of variables you will need to consider.

  • Mercenary's feature prominently. They are more distinct while being less of an advantage to the player.
  • The unit rosters have also been "reduxed" so to speak. They've been reworked to be more advanced while allowing more specialisation due to it's increased diversity. The larger unit roster helps this greatly. While each faction does have it's own separate roster, culture and region has been given increased importance. This add variety to both yours and the AIs armies.
  • Tech trees have been reworked to be larger while also being more advanced with greater choice of specialisation and diversity. Your faction plays a less important role than it die in vanilla, in Redux your cash and your culture are the predominant factors.


Redux has included 18 factions by design, they are divided into “regular”, “optional” and “closed”-factions (not for the player). Regular factions are typically more complex, challenging, diverse and difficult - and offer a full experience in visuals – these factions and the experience they provide are representative of what Redux was intended to be as a game. Optional factions are typically less complex and challenging, have bonuses somehow, are easier to handle and offers only limited visuals in some way, they are regarded as optional because of this. Optional factions are exceptions, treated and regarded as such and not generally representative of a full Redux experience like regular factions. Closed factions are factions not intended for the player by default designs ,the reasons why a faction ended up in this category is case-sensitive. Overall, the smaller number of factions compared to vanilla allows each to be more distinct and the AI performs better as well.

  • 6 regular factions, these are England, France, Spain, Italy, Poland and the German HRE.
  • 5 optional factions, these are Byzantium, Russia, Saracens, Moors, and the Norse.
  • 7 closed factions, these are Aragon, Portugal, Hungary, Papacy, Burgundy, Lombardy and (pagan) Lithuania.


The map is greatly improved over vanilla.

  • It's much more colourful and certainly more pleasing to the eye. The map is just as large as the vanilla map albeit with re-designed regions, these help give a more realistic experience. This also includes the sea region, this leads to better AI performance and more dynamic play.
  • Along with the re-designed map the game economy has been changed, there is overall less money available to everyone meaning harder choices will have to be made. This is accomplished though the use of higher prices, redesigned trading and less easy cash.
  • Every faction with the exception of the Papacy has more titles along with existing titles being reworked.


The audio of the game has been reworked all over

  • No battle music, this has been removed so that players can fully concentrate on the battle and not miss some vital information.
  • The main menu theme has been changed to provide the mod with It's own unique feel. Various other sounds have been changed as well.


  • Redux is fully Windows 7 compatible.
  • Regional stability and rebellions has been reworked totally.
  • Graphics in general have been greatly improved along with new character portraits.
  • Game pacing in general is much faster. Things will happen faster due to the new designs, dynamics and AI.

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