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Megas Alexandros

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Megas Alexandros
Platform Rome: Total War: Alexander
Mod Type Total Conversion
Era400 BC
Mod Leader Roman_Man#3
Release Status Open Beta
Forum / Thread Here


It is the year 336bc. King Philip has just been assassinated. Although not directly involved, many are sure that it was Persian gold that moved the hand of this Pausanias of Orestis. Alexander, age 20, as Philip's only heir, has become King. Although inheriting an experienced and professional army, Alexander has also received enemies in the form of Philip's former subject states. Athens and Thebes, powerful city states, along with the Kingdom of Illyra, feel a 20 year old boy is not capable enough to rule his father's kingdom effectively and want their full independence. They think that the turmoil following Philip's death will prove too much for the young and untested Alexander.... Alexander plans to carry out Philip's long planned conquest of Persia, and with Parmenios and a Makedonian expeditionary force already in Asia Minor, Alexander will have to move quickly if he is to quell the rebellions in Southern Greece and secure his border in the north, the area that the troublesome Thracians and Illyrians call home. This is a time of bloodshed, death, conquest, defeat and victory. This is Total War....


The mod will cover the years 336 b.c. when Alexander became King of Macedon aged 20, to about 316BC, which would allow for an alternative history edge. I will be using a 12tpy script in my mod, so Alexander should not die of old age, and which will increase the amount of turns.

The aim for this mod is to improve the Alexander gaming experience. The first release will not be a total conversion. It will more feature what is listed below. Future versions may include more factions, new units, and a complete revamp of the game, but for now this is all you get. It will still be a massive improvement over vanilla Alexander. The features for the first release:

  • A brand new map
  • A new recruitment system
  • Longer, more balanced battles

This is the area covered by the map, expect to see more at some point in the future.

Side Note

The mod will only have Macedon playable for 1 big important reason: the AI will never do an Alexander.


  • Makedon
  • Persia
  • Illyria
  • Dahae
  • Sarmatia
  • Getai
  • India
  • Slaves


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