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Modding Humour

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Modders are a strange breed, spending long hours hunched over a computer keyboard fighting the exasperation of unexplained CTD's and tiresome hard-coded limits can have unfortunate effects: Gollum mod.jpg (above section and pictures supplied by Dol Guldur / MasterOfNone see here)

Addiction to modding may soon be recognised as a disease, to determine whether you have the disease ask yourself the following questions:

1. Has your work / social life been adversely effected by hours spent working on mod?
2. Supplementary question, do you actually still have a work / social life??
3. Do you speak solely in three letter acronyms?
4. Do you write_normal_sentences_with_underscores?
5. When away from computer do you jot down modding ideas in notebook - back of cigarette packet, etc?
6. Have you ever discussed modding concepts whilst in bed with your partner? (answer only if applicable, please don't answer if underage)
7. When new game is released do you start thinking of ways to modify it before actually playing game?

Answering yes to three or more of the above questions may indicate you have a problem, please consult your psychiatrist, or experiment by locking your game CDs away for a week to see if the shakes set in....

Further tips to help you decide if you are effected are available here.

If you are effected by the modding disease you will probably find this funny.

Modders can be so adrift from the normal community that many have even developed their own brand of jokes. A typical example of which is supplied by Halie Satanus:

Question: How many modders does it take to change a light bulb??
Answer: Ten, one to change it, three to research it's history, two to ask if it can be tweaked, three to ask when it will be done,
....and one to claim he already changed it.

and by Dol Guldur:

Question: Why did the modeller send his model to Taiwan?
Answer: Because he wanted to export a cas file

Affected modders have also developed their own:

The astute observers amongst you (who have actually followed links) will have noticed that most of the content referenced is supplied by:
Dol Guldur at the .org - which leads us to the question: do any other modders actually still have a sense of humour?

Now in breaking news; surging forward to answer the above question is TWC's own Evariste, with his latest mod proposal, at least we think he was joking!

Links to modding humour

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