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Mundus Magnus v2

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Mundus Magnus v2
Platform Rome: Total War
Mod Type Total Conversion
EraAntiquity (Roman Republic)
Mod Leader ngr
Release Status v2.0
Forum / Thread Here

Mundus Magnus is a mod for Rome: Total War v1.2 and is currently in version 2.0


Mundus Magnus is a highly reputed map modification for Rome: Total War, by modder ngr. The mod provides a much larger and more detailed campaign map to the Vanilla R:TW, and adds various other tweaks and fixes.

Release Date: June 20th, 2005

Note: The mod creator doesn't frequent the TWC any more, so support for the mod is unavailable.

Team and Credit

Mod Author: ngr

Download Links

Download: Here

Alternatively, a lot of people seem to have trouble with MM v2, so you could try MM v1 which seemed to work fine.

MM v1

Release Thread: Here

There doesn't seem to be an existing release thread for MM v1.

Additionally, there seems to be a lot of additional tweaks to the MM map, or updates to newer versions, just search "Mundus Magnus" in the TWC Downloads area under RTW Mods and have a look around.

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