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Narnia Total War

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Narnia Total War
Platform Rome: Total War
Mod Type Total Conversion
Mod Leader Jubal_Barca
Release Status v1.0
Forum / Thread Here

From the person who brought you Warhammer: Total War, Jubal and team proudly present the final 1.0 release of Narnia Total War, for the Rome: Total War 1.5 engine! This long-running mod project, over five years in production, has created one of the most extensive and exciting fantasy mods ever to hit the Rome: Total War engine. With vast numbers of new features and much improved interface and visuals since the previous beta versions, Narnia TW 1.0 will provide a high lore, high detail, high immersion Narnian experience in both campaign and battle modes. With 14 different factions, many different unit types, a finely constructed campaign map, and much more, do go and check out Narnia TW for a fantasy Rome Total War experience unlike any other!

Read more in the thread Narnia Total War Released on TWC


A Fantasy Mod, Recreating the Mythical Universe of C.S. Lewis' Narnia

The mod focuses on an era never explicitly detailed in Narnia. Covering the rise to power of Queen Jadis in the period between The Magicians Nephew and The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Factions in Released Version

  • Kingdom of Narnia
  • Kingdom of Archenland
  • Kingdom of Terebinthia
  • The Lone Islands
  • Telmarine Narnia
  • Kingdom of Telmar
  • Kingdom of Koraly
  • Wasteland Marauders
  • Realm of Harfang
  • The Dwarfen States
  • Calormene Empire
  • Lands of Munesh
  • Umbuso of Surval
  • Erinese Confederation

Development Information on Factions


Calormene is an empire in the south of the world of Narnia. Most of the country has a semi-arid climate, and its most notable geographic features are a volcano known as the Flaming Mountain of Lagour, and the Great Desert. The Great Desert is in the northern part of the country, and the difficulty of crossing this desert prevented aggressive Calormene governments from invading Archenland and Narnia for centuries. The cultural centre of Calormen is the River of Calormen, which flows from west to east along the south side of the Great Desert. The capital city is Tashbaan, located on an island in the river's delta. River of Calormen is bordered for much of its length by farmland and wealthy communities. The city of Azim Balda, located at a crossroads in the heart of the country, is a major hub for travel and communications


Located to the west of Narnia, Telmar was a land colonized first by men of Calormen 300 years after the creation of Narnia; where it is in relation to the Western Waste to Narnia's immediate west is unclear, however. The inhabitants purportedly found their way to a then-leaderless Narnia after "a great famine.". More importantly, it is also the site of a 'chink' that leads from Earth to Narnia. Six pirates and their wives from our world were shipwrecked and fell through this gap into Telmar, producing lines of proud, warlike descendants, the Telmarines. These are the Telmarines who eventually invade Narnia, at the time in disorder, after a famine in their own land and attempt to rid the country of its magic. It is from this line of Telmaries that Prince Caspian (later King Caspian X) is descended.

The story of the pirates, mentioned at the end of Prince Caspian, is apparently based on the factual historical account of the mutiny aboard the HMS Bounty[citation needed]. It is not clear how, if this is so, the Telmarines would have a Northern European appearance, as is often assumed. However, even though Lewis refers to earlier Narnian humans and Archenlanders, "Northerners", as being light-skinned, the Telmarines (who invaded after earlier Narnian kings disappeared and presumably would have strong Polynesian ancestry) are never referred to as such.

Desert Tribesmen

Found in the great desert of calormene, the desert tribesmen are an ancient culture. Never fully leaving the calormen power. The desert tribesmen are treding on thin ice as calormen are ploting against them. The end of this old and fragile culture is in sight.

Royal Narnia

With the return of Queen Jadis Royal Narnia boundaries are now weaker than ever, With the native narnians fleeing royal narnia has been left to stand up against Imperial Narnia. But queen Jadis has not mad the mistake she made last time, this time she brought an army from the wild lands of the north. Now all Royal Narnia can hope that will happen is that archland will declare war on Imperial Narnia, or Aslan might return.

Imperial Narnia

Jadis (French, 'formerly', 'in the past'; also Turkish, 'witch', spelled cadı) is the last scion of the royal house of Charn; she is also said (in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe) to be descended from Adam's first wife, Lilith, and to have both Jinn and Giant blood in her veins. According to the Beavers, she has no human blood at all, although she has the appearance of a very tall human woman. When Jadis first entered Narnia on its creation she was banished to the north by Aslan where she spent one thousand years in exile. By the time she had taken over Narnia she had an army of followers that she had obtained during her time in the north. Queen Jadis Has now returned to narnia and with an army, Quickly she is rulling half of narnia and with a much stronger force her threats are no longer Royal Narnia but a fraction to the south known as Calormens


Archenland is the first country to the south of Narnia. It is a land of many mountains. Its border to Narnia is made up of a chain of mountains, there only being one pass to Narnia through it. The border to Calormen is much the same. On this border there is a unique mountian called Mt. Pire which has a double peak. It is said to be the remains of a two-headed giant turned to stone by Fair Olivin. Also, there is a pass to Telmar through the mountains to the west. The last mountain to mention is Stormness Head. A mountian sometimes plagued with storms, it is located near the shore of the Eastern Ocean. Here is where Prince Corin boxed the Lapsed Bear of Stormness Head. Anvard is the castle where the king of Archenland resides, and also the only place of inhabitance mentioned in Archenland. A little bit south of here, near the pass into Calormen, lives the Hermit of the South March. A kind, old, and wise man he is. His hermitage consists of a lush, green lawn with a house and a circular wall. In this lawn is a special pool used by the hermit to see things far and wide.

House of Harfang

Forming its independence only a decade ago. This giant clan is surronded in natrual resources making them rich in trade and helping there population to grow rapidlly. In battle the giants are feared through out Narnia du to there strength and superb armour. The House of hawfang is a rapidlly growind power located in the wild lands of the Nourth and allid with the Telmaries this faction can only go south and into Narnia

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