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Platform Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms
Mod Type Overhaul
EraMiddle Ages
Mod Leader Socal_infidel
Release Status v1.0
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PRO DEO ET REGE is a modification for Medieval II: Total War which focuses on improved historical accuracy and realism. The mod aims to create a slower and more challenging campaign.



The mod has revised the faction names and starting generals for improved historical accuracy. Several units have been added or reskinned as well. These are the included factions:

  • Kingdom of England
  • Royaume de France
  • Heiliges Römisches Reich
New Danish textures
  • Reino de Castilla
  • Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia
  • Regno di Sicilia
  • Repubblica di Genova [replaces Milan]
  • Rìoghachd na h-Alba
  • Kievan Rus'
  • Basileia ton Rhomaiôn
  • al-Murabitun Imarat
  • al-Fatimiyyun Khilafah
  • Selçuk Saltanat
  • Condado Portucalense
  • Kongeriget Danmark
  • Królestwo Polski
  • Magyar Királyság


The mod adds over 80 new provinces to the original vanilla campaign map. These provinces have been chosen for their historical importance and care has been given to ensure they retain their proper historical name.

Mounted Knights Hospitaller charging.

Regional Area of Recruitment System

Upon conquering a foreign province, a faction will find itself as strangers in a strange land. Looked upon with suspicion and faced with hostility, much work will need to be done to bring a new province into the fold. To this end, PRO DEO ET REGE implements a Regional Area of Recruitment System that limits and restricts the amount and types of troops available to a faction in a newly conquered foreign province.

Commercial Capitals of the World

Not all medieval cities were equal. Due to location and resources, some cities naturally had more of an economic advantage than others. To this end, there are four levels of trade spots:

  • Commercial Capitals are the jewels of the medieval world. Amongst them are cities such as London, Venice and Constantinople which were major economic powerhouses in the Middle Ages. In the mod, these cities increase trade and wealth greatly.
  • Trade Centers - these cities are the trade centers of a particular region and offer increased trade bonuses.
  • Trade Hubs - these cities are waypoints on the main trade routes and receive a slight increase in trade.
  • Minor Cities - a city that can be developed economically if the effort is put in, but one that does not boast the advantages that others naturally possess.

New governance system

  • Increased emphasis has been placed on Governours. Governours are now required in

order to build ALL military and political buildings in a settlement. In addition, having (or not having) a Governour in a settlement will have an increased effect on a settlement's public order.

New rebel personalities

  • Each initial rebel region 'accurately' depicts the group that historically controlled that region in 1080 A.D. So for example, should Cilician Armenia wish to siege Melitene, they will have to contend with Gavriel of Melitene, a Greek Orthodox Armenian who had risen from the ranks of the Byzantine army and governed the region at this time.
  • Each rebel culture group has been given new strat map banners to add depth and atmosphere to the campaign map
  • Rebel garrisons have been diversified to better depict a settlement's initial garrison
  • New rebel types with unique and diversified rebel pools added to better reflect a

region's rebel make-up

Revised AOR system

Map with faction starting position
  • The AOR system has been completely revised to allow for more logical recruitment of

local units. Higher-class regional units are now available at higher-level military buildings. Gaps in a region's AOR system have, for the most part, been filled to make construction of higher-level buildings worthwhile

  • Several additional units (new and old alike) have been added to the AOR Recruitment


Revised starting positions

  • Care has been taken to give a faction the settlements they historically-held at the

start-date of 1080 A.D. Obviously, some factions will have it harder (or easier) than others. All factions are not created the same. A Georgian campaign should be harder than a Seljuk campaign.


danova (Aragonese knights and Iberian Swordsmen textures)
dome (3D models - helmets, weapons & attachments)
danova (PDER logo design, splash screen, menu screen, signatures)
Musculus Maximus (loading screens)
Neaera (Danish unit and unit info cards}
Tschiburaschka (various unit and unit info cards)
Gigantus (adding new factions, really too much to list! Believe me, it never would have gotten finished without him, though!)
ST0MPA (Orders Guild and Ancillary Fix)
Pope_Fred_I (Noble Titles descriptions)
Gigantus (resource placement, port placement, road placement, and on and on...)


External Links

PRO DEO ET REGE hosted forum at TotalWarCenter

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