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Paeninsula Italica

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Paeninsula Italica
Platform Rome: Total War: Barbarian Invasion
Mod Type Total Conversion
EraEarly Roman Republic
Mod Leader Hister
Release Status Beta, 0.95
Forum / Thread Here

Paeninsula Italica (PI)is a modification for Barbarian Invasion. It brings you into the turbulent wars in the Italian Peninsula during the early days of Rome.


Paeninsula Italica aims to portray Italy in the late fourth century BC, an era relatively neglected by other modders. Scripts will portray several historical events such as Pyrrhus's invasion of southern Italy. As of 1/1/2013 the mod is undownloadable as a result of Megaupload being shut down.


Factions: Roman Republic


Etruscan factions

Pyrrhus of Epirus

Background For over a hundred years since the founding of the Republic, Rome's remained a small, almost provincial town, with only two notable events to its name: the successful taking in 396 B.C. of Veii, a major Etruscan city, and its own sacking by Gauls just a few years later. In the last half/quarter of 4th century BC, Rome grown considerably in power, due to the same gaul invasion, who damaged his local enemies as well, and the city of Rome was given the leadership of the Latin League. Rome then dissolved the Latin League in 338 B.C. and taken up a strong leadership among the Latin states. To the south-east were the great numbers of hardy Samnite warriors. In the north are still eleven of the old twelve powerful Etruscan strongholds. Even further to the north are teeming hordes of Celts, who have just 50 years before the start of mod timeframe invaded central Italy. And to the south, were the Greeks. The mod starts with the arrival on southern shores of Alexander of Epirus, uncle of Alexander the Great, who, called in help by the Italiotae League, cultivated ambitions for the whole peninsula. Further scripts will allow - under certain conditions - the attival of Pyrrhus, King of Epirus.


ACTIVE TEAM MEMBERS - Luciano B - SigniferOne - Mylae - Hister - Garve - Smug

INACTIVE TEAM MEMBERS - Kali - Publio Fabio Atinio - Kalos

EXTERNAL CONTRIBUTORS - Zenith Darksea - Topus Magnus - Prometheus - Webbird - mcantu - Uranos - cocobongoclub-DJ - The "Roma Surrectum" team - The "Europa Barbarorum" team

FORMER TEAM MEMBERS at the eraly stages of the mod-development - Pertinax - Teucer - Rorarii - Sempronio Sabino - Il Persiano - Lusted

BETA TESTERS - Gaius Baltar - Kamos32 - CrownOfSwords - Lugotorix - Mackios - Valerius Tiberius - Monkeyman

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