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RTW - Persian Invasion

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RTW - Persian Invasion
Platform Rome: Total War
Mod Type Total Conversion
EraGreco-Persian Wars
Mod Leader comrade_general
Release Status v1.0
Forum / Thread Here


Persia has the largest empire in history. The small, but free, city-states of Greece struggle to stay unified as they laugh in the face of annihilation. The Dahae, Scythians, Gerrheans, Celts, Illyrians, and even the Indians of the distant jungles plot to one day rule their own empires. How will history play out? You decide!



The Map



For Rtw 1.5;

Download from MODDB

Installation instructions and other info is in the enclosed readme file, add also add -nm to the list of things you put in the shortcut line.

This uses the mod switch function so it will not alter your original game files.

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