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Regions & Provinces Mod

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Regions & Provinces Mod
Platform Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms
Mod Type Total conversion
Mod Leader Irishron Gigantus
Release Status Version v3.80.16
Mod FolderedYes
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The mod was started about four years ago. Sb2ean released v2.4 and disappeared after the release. Wherever he is, we wish him well. After that Irishron took the responsibility and carried out the torch further more and kept the mod alive with his hard and relentless efforts. Gigantus was the one that made this fun mod Kingdoms compatible with his supreme modding skills.


Regions Mod is a M2TW and Kingdoms modification that focuses on the entertaining gameplay rather than historical accuracy. This mod has a basis Spurius' BigMap mod. To this the amount of regions available has been maxxed out to 198 including the Americas. It is now 2 turns per year. The map has been modified in favor of AI expansion. And has new religions like Shaman for the Mongols. Regions & Provinces Mod Adds 69 Regions, 7 cultures, 4 religions, Faction Name Changes, Historical name changes, garrison changes , more variety of units, New victory conditions. Currently the the latest version for the mod is v3.80.16.

This mod has 7 new factions that are Ireland, Sweden, Mali, Hedjaz, Armenia, Georgia, and the Cumans surplus with many new and challenging units.


Campaign Map.
Campaign Map Preview


  1. Kingdom of England
  2. Kingdom of France
  3. Holy Roman Empire
  4. Spain
  5. Republic of Venice
  6. Sicily
  7. Republic of Genoa
  8. Scotland
  9. Byzantine Empire
  10. Novgorod
  11. The Almoravids
  12. Turks
  13. Fatimid Caliphate
  14. Kingdom of Denmark
  15. Portugal
  16. Poland
  17. Kingdom of Hungary
  18. Kingdom of Georgia
  19. Kingdom of Sweden
  20. Emirate of Hedjaz
  21. Cumans
  22. Kingdom of Armenia
  23. Kingdom of Ireland
  24. Mali Empire
  25. The Papacy (Non-playable)
  26. Mongols (Non-playable)
  27. Timurids (Non-playable)
  28. The Aztecs (Non-playable)

Key Features

  • Hotseat Enabled.
  • Is Geomod compatible by gigantus.
  • An addon that incorporates Red Bricked Castles on the Battle maps for the East-European Factions.
  • Agart's City/Castle mod for strat maps.
  • BBB 4.0 that adds new Traits and Ancillaries by Billydilly
  • XAIs Advanced Battle and Campaign AI.
  • Landbridges are invisible on the Campaign map making it more challenging for the player.
  • New resources added(apples, honey, salt)and all resources redone on campaign map.
  • New Strat models for Kings and Heirs.
  • New Loading Screens by BillyDilly.
  • Grapeshot capability for cannons.
  • New music arrangement by IZob.
  • Europe will now feel the full wrath of the Black Death unless you play blitz.
  • New Victory conditions.
  • And Much more.

Addtional Features

  • Now the Player gets the event messages for coming age of Princess.
  • Player gets a notification in the campaign if an AI faction leader dies.
  • Tougher Mongols and Timurids invasions.
  • Now one year is equals to 2 turns.
  • 7 Cultures and 4 Religions in Total.
  • And Much more.



Modding Crew

  • Cswoian for his input on adding the Shaman religion and a lot of info on the Cumans.
  • Spurius for making his BigMap available to others.
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