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Renaissance Total War

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Renaissance Total War
Platform Medieval II: Total War
Mod Type Total Conversion
EraRenaissance: starts at 1493
Mod Leader DrIstvaan
Release Status Version 2.75
Forum / Thread Here
Campaign Map:
Map Preview


Renaissance: Total War is a modification for Medieval II: Total War which is set in the Renaissance era. The time frame of the campaign has been moved from the Middle Ages to the Late Middle Ages and Early Modernism. It features new regions, new units, changed starting positions and renamed factions, all in accordance with the time period.


  • 60 regions were added to the vanilla campaign map.
  • Factions and units have been renamed in accordance with the time period. Outdated units were removed and late era units are available from the start. The starting positions on the campaign map have been changed as well.
  • Settlements are well-developed and both their population and happiness level was increased.
  • Darth Formations and Darth Campaign AI are included.
  • New Faction: Teutonic Order
  • Gunpowder units have an important role right from the beginning of the game.

Additionally, almost the whole map is divided between the nations, meaning larger territories for individual factions.


Ramtha (now called Axe Battler) made the first version of this mod. Then, a couple of us helped him with bug hunting and fixing, and later even made our own tweaks to it, making a new version of the mod. With Ramtha's retirement from modding (and, for a time, from TWC), we became the new makers of the mod. Unfortunately, development of a planned new version came to a standstill due to the lack of 3D modellers. We wanted to incorporate a whole range of new, Renaissance-themed units, but could find no one able to make models for them. After that, the team scattered. That meant 2.75 remained the last version of Renaissance Total War for a long time. Later, Condottiere Giovanni d' Medici created his own fix for the mod, which is currently the latest release of the mod.



Battle Preview I
Battle Preview II
Campaign Map Preview I
Campaign Map Preview II


The latest version of the mod can be found here.

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