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Res Gestae Total War

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Res Gestae Total War
Platform Rome: Total War
Mod Type Total Conversion
Era2nd Punic War onwards
Mod Leader Salvor Hardin
Release Status Version 4.1
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A modification for Rome: Total War starting at the beginning of the Second Punic War and taking Rome to the height of her Imperial glory! With aims to improve graphics, historical authenticity and game-play equally as well as being well-balanced.


  • A new map spanning from Scandinavia to Central Africa and to India
  • Replaced a couple of factions with some more attractive and interesting ones.
  • Multiplayer oriented, the multiplayer is one of the main aspects and gameplay balance is particularly taken care of.
  • Unit balancement in order to respect historicity and fun gameplay. If a faction was definetly useless and uncompetitive in history, have been helped a bit to survive on multiplayer.
  • Historicity, all units are remade in historical way, so there are completely new unit lists, not huge ones but good ones, of which you are always able to find the sources used and documentated, mainly information taken from osprey books, the several books about uniforms and reconstructions of ancient hera, plus help from several experts on the ancient history.
  • The gameplay is balanced by expert multiplayers, plus battles are longer.
  • Some other scripting is present.

The Team

Current Team

  • Hardin: Coding, Scripting, some Unit Cards
  • Uranos: Mapping, a lot of Unit Cards
  • Florin80: Coding, Unit fixing

Original Team

Freelance Modders Working With The Team

Other Contributors

  • SnakeIV: Greek, Eastern, Egyptian and Carthaginian interfaces
  • The creator of the Roman Cognomen Mod (whom I have been unable to identify): Roman names.
  • TiFlo: for his Unified Animation Pack, including the animations created by:
  • The Europa Barbarorum team
  • Signifer One
  • riczu_74: strat map generals, named characters and siege icons
  • MasterOfNone and Xprime: some map textures
  • Vikrant: strat map units and strat map icons for Maurya
  • The RTR Team: Strat map model for the greek General and Named Character. Some textures from 5.4.1. version
  • eastsidehighrise: sprites for RTR 5.4
  • KAWEH K: many faction icons and banners
  • Arbaces: Dacian faction icons and banners
  • Alcord: unit cards for MaximusMinimus and Warspite units


  • Current version is 4.1. This version is modfoldered.
  • Previous version is 4.0

Visual Material

External Links

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