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Rise of the Caliphate

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Rise of the Caliphate
Platform Medieval II: Total War
Mod Type Total Conversion
Era632-827 AD
Mod Leader Babur
Release Status Dead Mod
Forum / Thread None

Rise of the Caliphate is a mod which aims to show the Rise of the Islam faith, with historical accuracy. The mod started as a of Chaghatai Khan idea in September 2007. Rise of the Caliphate covers the period from 632 AD - 827 AD. Starting with the death of the Prophet Muhammad and covering the spread of Islam from Spain to the Indus. The Map stretches from Spain to Gujurat.:

Age_of_Caliphs.png mapheightsmw3.jpg



There are 5 religions in the game:

Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Paganism, Zoastrianism, Shamanism


Although the mod started in September 2007 progress has been slow with inactive members and many absenties. On March the 16th 2008 all members of the mod were fired for inactivity and absenteeism and once again all active members or new members had to apply again.


Chaghatai Khan(Team Leader), karo(coder and researcher), Eranshahr(researcher and local moderator), Batu Khan(researcher), Qarama(researcher), Boztorgai Khan(researcher), Anthonius II(researcher), Drtad(text editing and researcher), Kenossos(text editing), Adnan(skinner and 2D artist), Slash5(modeler), Serious Samurai(coder and ROC's mujahid :P)

Historical Battles

It is planned that there will be 13 historical battles

Al Qadisiyyah, Nihawand, Ullais, Walaja, Chains, Yarmouk, Iron Bridge, Hazir, Battle of Tours, Siege of Constantinople(First), Battle of Versinikia, Battle of Yamama, Battle of Fahl


Rise of the Caliphate (RoC) is for Medieval 2 total war

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