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Rome: Total War - Modding Index

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Below is an index to modding tutorials etc for the Rome: Total War series of games.

Much of the information was originally taken from this post at TWC. Tutorials listed first and in bold type are most likely to be commonly used. Many tutorials have unfortunately lost their explanatory images due to the imageshack shut down - those tutorials which no longer make any sense without images been removed from list (see list on discussion page) - those tutorials shown below in italics do suffer severely from loss of images, but may still be useful in some circumstances.

For modding tools see here.

General Set Up Information


Getting Units in Game

Text File Editing for Units

2d Graphics/Textures - General Skills

2d Graphics/Textures - RTW Specific

Unit Cards / Rendering

3d Modelling




Campaign Map

See Also Category:RTW Campaign Map Modding

Battle Map


Battle Map Buildings

Cultures & Factions



2d Graphics & Menu

Tutorials on Text Editing


Miscellaneous Tutorials

Other Compilations of Tutorials

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