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Rome II Total Realism

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Rome II Total Realism
Platform Rome II: Total War
Mod Type Overhaul
EraStandard Rome II era
Mod Leader None
Release Status Version 3.13
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Rome 2 Total Realism is a mod that is the successor to Rome TW mod of the same name, and is focused on presenting a good combination of challenging gameplay and historical accuracy.


Rome II Total Realism became hosted on May 17, 2014. Bethencourt, Crymson, DaVinci, and T.C. are all former developers.


It is the successor of Rome: Total Realism, and it is dedicated to making Rome 2 a more realistic game. Features such as stunning graphics and in depth historical mechanisms help to give the player a more enjoyable experience. Currently there is only one campaign being worked on, that being 272 BC, in which new features have been added to the R2 vanilla campaign. A new Beta was released on Sep 26, 2014.



  • Various aspects of the campaign have been changed for an improved experience.
  • Army and Navy stances and the Campaign difficulty levels have all been overhauled.
  • Special units gain experience faster than their normal counterparts, as they are comprised mostly of veterans, not armed rabble.
  • Unit replenishment and city public have also been changed. For example, when armies are in cities the public order decreases, as the denizens would be upset at the intrusion. But when in a city, units replenish at a much faster rate, as it is harder to recruit more soldiers in the country side than it is in a city.
  • Various occupation options are now available for all factions, like occupy, liberate sack, etc.
  • Unit upgrades and attrition effects have also been enhanced, and ground effects have been improved.


  • Combat has also been improved through changes made.
  • Sieges have been tweaked, fire pots are now used instead of torches, and gates are much more resistant to flaming attacks.
  • Land and Naval combat has been completely overhauled, as well as the effect of fatigue and the special abilities. Battlefield climate effects have been improved, and have even more of an influence on combat.
  • Each type of weapon has its own unique characteristics. For example, slashing swords such as the kopis deal moderate damage because users rely mostly on expending large amounts of energy to inflict damage not really equal to the energy exerted, and has a defense boost due to the length, as it gave the users an advantage over their short sword wielding opponents. Thrusting swords on the other hand are better for fighting unarmored opponents, as they have special melee defense bypass because thrusting swords could be aimed at areas unprotected by armor, such as the armpits and thighs.
  • There are also new animations animations for axes, maces, and celtic longswords.
  • Lighter ships are now much better used with hit-and-run ramming tactics in mind, and larger, heavier vessels are focused more on boarding. Ranged ships are much harder to get, and are much more ineffective against other vessels due to their inaccuracy.

Mods Used

  • Axe Animation Fragment Mod - Aims to minimize the use of the stabbing animation for axes.
  • Realistic Unit Names - Replaces the generic vanilla names with ones that might have been used at the time.
  • Ancient Colors - Gets rid of the over saturated uniforms of vanilla.

The Team

Visual Material

All pictures were taken by H0CHM31573R.

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