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Rome Medieval

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Rome Medieval
Platform Rome: Total War
Mod Type Overhaul
EraMiddle Ages
Mod Leader Lord Of The Knights
Release Status v3.1
Forum / Thread Here


Rome Medieval is a modification for RTW 1.5. It is a full conversion for RTW, focusing on the rise of the Medieval Kingdoms, through the rise and the fall of the Crusades, continuing to the last days of the Medieval age. You will lead any of 18 medieval factions to conquer a new historical Medieval map,leading your great armies to glory.


Rome Medieval is a modification and a total conversion for RTW 1.5. A continuation of Rome Medieval series, RM3 converts the original RTW game to a medieval game, with an authentic environment, new units, a brand new map, historical battles and revamped gameplay. The time range is from 1180 AD to the last days of the medieval age, allowing the player to take control of one of 18 Kingdoms of the medieval times. On a new epic historical map, the latest release provides many new special units, buildings and features for each faction, giving you the chance to lead a nation with its historical armies and cities, defend its lands, defeat its enemies, expand its borders, and gain victory and glory under the nations name.


  • Total coversion of RTW from the Roman timeframe to the Middle Ages.
  • Large historical medieval campaign map, from far persia to the americas.
  • Medieval units with large number of unique units for each faction, units from peasants to chivalric knights and royal amirs, including gunpowder units and cannons.
  • Medieval sound pack, with great soundtracks adding more greatness to the medieval world sensation.
  • New custom battle maps.
  • New historical battles
  • Texts, Menu, icons, pages, unit cards,..and other items suitable for the medieval mod.

A new Patch will be released soon (RM 3.1 patch), which will include the following features:

  • Grand campaign map has been modified to make famous campaigns more historical and interesting, adding more historical balance between factions.
  • New custom battle maps.
  • Nigh battles available in campaign.
  • New city models for the campaign map.
  • Alexander compatibility included.
  • Culture-specific voices in their native language (spanish, french, german, etc.)
  • Prebattle speeches
  • Around 10 historical battles (the RM2 battles plus six/seven new HBs) made by mataputas.
  • Some unit models fixed.
  • Major rebalance of units stats and costs.
  • Few new animations for archers, crossbowmen, gunners and cannons (not morfeasnikos' ones).
  • Smoke and specific sounds for cannons.
  • Complete sprites remake.
  • Some gunpowder units.
  • Some hero units: William Wallace, Henry V (HB only), Jeanne d'Arc and Balian of Ibelin.
  • Unit descriptions.
  • Multiplayer mode switcher included.
  • Medieval Traits & Ancillaries system.
  • Minor general fixes and additions.

The Team

  • Creator, Leader, Mapping, Texts:

1.Lord of The Knights

  • Modeling,Skinning :

1.Lord of The Knights

2.morfeasnikos (RM3)

  • Coding, Transplantation, Porting :

1.Lord of The Knights

2.mikienjoy (RM2)

3.Mataputas (RM3)

  • Sounds:

1.Lord of The Knights

2.WAR monger (RM SOUNDMOD 1.0)(RM3)

3.Mataputas (RM3.1)

  • 2D Works/UI files :

1.Lord of The Knights

2.Nelduin (some 2Ds for islamic factions)(RM2)

  • Installer Maker :

1.onmy6 (RM2)

2.sean cappone (RM3)

  • Sprites Makers :

1.Ragnos (RM Sprites Addon)(RM2)

2.Mataputas (RM3.1)

  • Beta Testers :

1.Lord Of The Knights

2.ttoommyy (RM2)

3.Mataputas (RM3 & RM3.1)

  • Advertising :

1.Tolaroscipii (RM3)


Rome Medieval mod has been started and created by Lord Of The Knights (LOTKs). The project started in 2006 as a personal small project and with few modding skills, but with 2 years of hard work alone LOTKs created an excellent medieval mod (RM1). A better version of Rome Medieval were built on the first RM using it as a base. After the first release, LOTKs decided to create the RM Team. Many versions of RM were released till the latest current version (RM3), and with each version, LOTKs used help from other members as a team.

Included Mods

Thanks to:

The Crusades leader & team : for some Units and models.

Chivalry TW leader & team : for characters names.

Visual Material






Defense of an Idea

A Tale of Two Kingdoms - Kingdom of Sicily

External Links

Download link and forum here; Rome Medieval

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