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Rome Total Realism Anabasis III

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Full Description

Finally, the spanish team of RTRA want to bring our mod to the TWC Community. We began many years ago inspired on Rome Total Realism 6.0, but eventually, we develop our new and original mod. Now we want to present a general view of RTRA III, and we hope that you enjoy the preview.


The RTRA III factions are 21 (including rebel faction) and some switch factions added in different patches. The names of these factions are in latin for western factions and in greek for eastern ones.


The RTRA III map is a completely new one, called it "ORBIS TERRARUM" and still is under construction. As the factions names, western provinces/cities are named in latin and eastern ones in greek language.

Mostly, in the barbarian zone, it used to be difficult find appropriate region/city names. For this reason, we use roman/greek settlements names which had a native settlement formerly. e.g. ILTIRTA (iberian name) is changed by ILERDA (roman name).

This complete new map has the provinces, rivers and the roads connections finished, but still I must work about many others things in the strat maps like: sparse and dense forest, ground textures, correct cities position, resources, city buildings, population and garrisons and many others things... With this map, I will extract pieces from to create shorter campaigns like: Hamilcar and Hannibal Barca campaigns, Boudicea campaign and other...

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