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Rule Britannia

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Rule Britannia
Platform Medieval II: Kingdoms
Mod Type Overhaul
Mod Leader AJStoner
Release Status Version 1.7
Mod FolderedYes
Forum / Thread here
Campaign Map:
Not yet added


Rule Britannia Total War overhauls the Britannia campaign from the Kingdoms expansion, adding scripted events and a new reworked recruitment system as well as re-introducing religion into the campaign. Characters now also want more payment and gain better traits by sitting around in high-level cities. Also added is the auxiliary troop system and the exotic troop system.

Team Members

Team Leader:

Team members:

  • Magus
  • Lord Condormanius,
  • davide.cool
  • Ishan
  • Dearmad
  • Pukas
  • Agart
  • King Kong

Other Information


Anyone who wishes may incorporate any element of RB into their own mod without permission; please simply credit in your ReadMe.

The items from Magus, Lord Condormanius, davide.cool, Ishan, Dearmad and Pukas are listed as usable with a credit in your ReadMe.

Agart specifies ReadMe credit and wishes to be informed when his models are being used.

King Kong requires advance permission.

External Links

  • View on TWC here
  • Download the Mod here
  • View TWC Mod Registry Form here
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