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Sands of Conquest

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Sands of Conquest
Platform Medieval 2: Total War.
Mod Type Total conversion.
EraMedieval Fantasy.
Mod Leader Druvtar de Bodemloze
Release Status Beta
Forum / Thread Here
Campaign Map:
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Sands of Conquest is a fantasy mod for Medieval 2: Total War set on the island of Lurija on the mostly water planet of Wona Lurija is the only landmass on the planet ( except for a few smaller islands which are on the parameters of it) there are ten factions (Dynasties,all Similar to Islamic earth culture) which inhabit this island world. The basic Idea is each one of these Dynasties starts out with their own secluded "Desert" Oasis area & build to where they can expand in Dominion across the Island & eventually conquer (as part of the win conditions) all five of the heavily fortified Rebel Fortresses in the center of the Island


  • Brand new map featuring 160+ regions!
  • Twenty Five new buildings made for the Islamic Cultures.
  • Lots of new, middle eastern music!
  • Most of the loading screens have been replaced to have a more Islamic theme to fir in with the mod more. Also there is new quotes to go with these new loading screens.
  • Completlley new user interface!


Because Sands of Conqust is a fantasy mod there is a whole new list of factions! Here is the list:

  • Taquil Dynasty
  • The Caliphate of Mozul~Rupita
  • The Sultanate of Ari
  • The Bahraja Caliphate
  • Dea Depan
  • Shelabi
  • Jaya Jahar
  • Gaja Gun

For a more detailed look at these factions please visit the thread here

The Team


  • Gigantus for the basic Heights map
  • Condorietti SOG for both his battle & campaign AI

Visual Material

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