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Sebidee's Unit Roster Overhaul

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Sebidee's Unit Roster Overhaul
Platform Total War: Rome II
Mod Type Faction Overhaul
EraClassical Antiquity
Mod Leader Sebidee
Release Status Released
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SUO Main.png

Sebidee's Unit Roster Overhaul is a mod for Total War: Rome II that implements about 250 units.


The mod was started by Sebidee in April 23th 2014 with the aim of giving players more options for their army by first releasing the Parthian roster overhaul, and later expanding on other factions.


The mod introduces about 250 units into Total War:Rome II with several units having certain roles in battle; having a focus on historical accuracy and preserving the immersion for the player by blending the old and new units.


  • The mod adds about 250 units in the game with changes to the stats and appearances to the original units including officers and generals, and in the future a revamping of the navy units. Making sure that the new and old units blend in. It also adds new battle mechanics such as heads hurling towards your enemy.
  • With the lack of variety found in the vanilla game, this mod aims to give players more options in deciding what type of army they'd like to use by adding certain units that are specifically used for certain situations, and making sure they are represented as they originally were during the era.
  • Each faction will include its own mod, but will be compiled all into one mod with the addition of mercenary improvements, Garrison mod, naval units and auxillary mods that are not present in the standalone mods. It will include language support from the UPC unit pack mod making sure it is translated into German, Italian, French, Spanish and other languages.

The Team

  • Sebidee (Modder and Leader)
  • Marshal of France (Historical Researcher)
  • KenOh (Historical Researcher)
  • Nathris (Historical Researcher)
  • Moacyr (Historical Researcher)
  • Rex Imperator (Historical Researcher)

Visual Material

Pyrrhus of Epirus
Persian Royal Cataphracts
Odryssian Faction
Iceni head throwers
Pontic Cataphracts
Suebi Night Hunters

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