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==Changing Animation Sounds for all Engines==
==Changing Animation Sounds for all Engines==
The sounds that occur at various stages of the animation of a siege or artillery engine are set in  
The sounds that occur at various stages of the animation of a siege or artillery engine are set in  

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Changing Animation Sounds for all Engines

The sounds that occur at various stages of the animation of a siege or artillery engine are set in descr_sounds_units_anims.txt.... this bit needs writing but should be obvious from the below:

Adding Unique Sounds for an Onager

Some mods use onager engine to make mock cannons etc.. and it would be nice if they could have a unique sound for the cannon version that does not apply to the onager version as well. Firing and cranking sounds are set in descr_sounds_units_anims.txt and that file appears not to want to accept a 'unit' or 'type' line to restrict a sound to a certain unit.

This is quite simple once you know how - just takes a while to find out which files do what, so hence hopefully worth writing up.


Your unique onager should already have its own section in descr_engines.txt (as it will be using different model files) in that change the skeleton line to

engine_skeleton		newonager

In descr_engine_skeleton.txt (yes that one is used) copy the entire onager section and change the type line of the copied section (and do similar for the dying animation) to type newonager

the lines for the various animation stages in that file have a reference to the animation.cas first - leave that bit entirely alone, then they have a reference to the .evt file. The .evt file is what calls the sound file.

Go to RTW/data/animations/engine/ballista and copy all the onager_blah.evt files , paste them into your mod-folder (if you are using one) and rename them to newonager_blah.evt. Change the reference line in descr_engine_skeleton for your new skeleton's section so that it points at those new files, eg:

anim	attack_recover	data/animations/engine/ballista/onager_fire_recover.CAS

Open the .evt files, you will find that only some actually contain information. For instance the onager_recovery.evt contains:


(the onager firing sound actually occurs on the recovery stage) change that to


in your newonager_recovery.evt file

Now go to descr_sounds_anims.txt and add a corresponding event eg:

event ANIM_NEWONAGER_FIRE volume 0 mindist 40 minPitch .85 maxPitch 1.15
	folder bi/mod_folder/data/sounds/new

big_bang_sound would be the name of your new sound file without the.wav at the end, the path relative to the RTW folder goes in the folder line....

voilà you should now have one onager only that has big bang sound

(all the files mentioned work from mod-folder, some may only exist in RTW/data initially, just make a copy of them to amend and add to mod-folder if so)

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