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Talk:Empire: Total War - Modding Index

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Revision as of 01:13, 12 May 2020 by Makanyane (talk | contribs) (added list of things not transfered from forum thread)
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Article Status Commentary

The links in the 2017 version of the article have now been sorted into sections if relevant - those not thought to be relevant have been removed and are listed in the spoiler below for information:

Removed Listings:



-Makanyane (talk) 02:12, 1 May 2020 (MDT)

Relevant links from old forum list now included - see below for excluded ones and reasons:

Not included:


" How to change Population and Religion of a Region through ESF-Editor - unreadable - missing images



DBEditor 1.96.3 - dead download
EasyLoc 1.0.1 (17/12) missing attachment
Esf Editor says out of date use daniu's
Up to 4294967295 turns per year! - Editor v1.01 released missing attachment
Land Unit Stats Editor v0.1 missing attachment
ETW Unpacker dead dl site
Esf Editor 1.4.3 missing attachment
Editor (units, building effects, gov effects) missing attachment
Perfect ESF<->XML converter and revolution in ESF modding no download
WIP: Naval Units Editor v0.6 {Update July 12} no download
For Demo: UnPACKer, loc converter missing attachment
Darius Toolkit dead downloads
Pack File Manager Switcher missing attachment
Esf Total Editor missing attachment
Groupformations.bin converter missing attachment
An unofficial DBEditor 1.6.1 with all saving bug fixed includes patch2.pack dead download
Excel-like Editor 0.6 missing attachment
Localization Editor (Updated Oct 1, 2009) missing attachment
Campaign Organizer Spreadsheet missing attachment
variant_part_mesh converter - one-way decoder available (mostly) no dl
Improved Python pack extractor no dl
cs2.parsed converter - coming soon no dl
LOC <-> TSV converter no dl
User Script and Preferences Editor for ETW, NTW, SHO2 no dl
Batch script for crux3D's "Stupid" tool missing attachment
Pack File Manager 2.2 out of date
Symphony (sound unpacker/packer) no dl
W.A.L.I. (Warscape Added Lua Interface) dead download

- Makanyane (talk) 01:13, 12 May 2020 (MDT)