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Talk:User Badges

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This had been previously updated, but with the ETW badges just being replaced with the new Rome II badges. I've gone through and created a new heading under TW:R2 badges (like how it is done previously) and changed to the ETW heading badges back to displaying the old ETW style badges, hence the slew of uploads. I couldn't find the new Content Artist badge so that section is blank for now.

I've also added Garb's unique badge and swapped Content Writer and Content Staff round so Staff is under Staff ranks and Writer is under repealed ranks as we don't use the Writer badge any more. Perhaps the Senior/Global Moderator badge rows should also be moved to that section as they aren't used any more, but I haven't done that. Also a new row needs to be added for the Slitherine dev badge with displays for both the old ETW and the current R2 badge - I haven't got round to doing that though.

Cheers, Shankbot

(31/03/2015 @ 18:28 GMT)